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Well I've had experience with this***!...... The thing that worked m0st for me is drinking loads of water and apple sider vinegar.......!

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Q: How do you get coke out your system fast?
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Does peppermint dissolve fast in coke or water?


How fast does coke freeze?

The freezing point of coke varies to that of water because coke contains sugar and carbonation. When placed inside a freezer, the freezing rate of coke in a plastic bottle is around 20 minutes.

Is there a fast but good science project?

You can do the Coke A Cola and Mentos project.

Can gelatin clean out your system for coke?

No, gelatin will not clean cocaine out of your system.

Will a paper clip rust in coke?

not as fast as water bleach or orange juice

How many days after you do coke will it show in a hair follicle tes?

coke metabolize very fast its possible to be deposited into the hair follicles after 16- 24h

Can coke flush out weed in your system?

No, weed can be detected up to 3 weeks after you use and coke up to 3 days after.

Can you substitute Diet Coke for regular coke in a mento rocket?

It might work. The dissolved CO2 tends to be released much more readily from Diet Coke, when it gets warmer, or is shaken, or when a catalyst such as a Mentos is added. You may not get a fast enough rate of release from regular coke.

What body system is the fast-acting control system?

The nervous system is the fast-acting control system.

How long does a 20 of coke stay in your system?

at least 62 hours

Is psoriasis caused by diet coke?

Psoriasis is not typically caused by drinking diet coke. However, consuming diet coke can make psoriasis symptoms worse. Psoriasis is commonly caused by a weak immune system.

What is a unique styled mini system?

Coke Mini System CD Player; this is sold kaccents online for about $180.