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my certificate is from alagappa university can i get a job

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Q: How do you get convocation certificate from Distance education alagappa university after completion of MBA course?
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Hi I have done MBA from Vinayaka mission university through distance education in 2006my study center is closed. I have not received my convocation certificate.i need email contact detail of universit?

Vinayaka Missions University is now issuing the convocation certificates for the first time. Enter 'Vinayaka Missions Convocation' in Google and you can yourslef come to know more about it. you can directly send them the DD of Rs.1025/- with all necessary papers as required, and you will receive the Convocation Certificate by Post. To ge the contaact numbers and the website of university, enter 'Vinayaka Missions distance Education' in goolge and you will get the contact numbers to speak to them personally. Regards A.K.A 9246371732

What is the Admission process for 3yr LLB course at Bangalore University?

You have to obtain any degree after finishing school education. Then you have to provide the following certificates at the time of admission in the college (45% marks in any degree): 1. Original consolidated marks card. 2. Transfer certificate. 3.Migration certificate(where you studied in last university) 4. Convocation certificate.

What is a post secondary certificate?

It depends on where the education is being taken and the terminology they use. That being said, post secondary typically refers to education taken after completion of high school. For example, those who pursue a college or university degree are pursuing post secondary school education.

What is University level education - third stage?

A university level education in the third stage is called tertiary education. A person who has completed this level will receive a certificate or diploma.

Where can I get a special education certification?

You can get a special education certificate at Easter State University in Michigan. It looks to be one of the best for special education. They offer a variety of programs for special education and you should be able to get your certificate.

How do you get genuine certificate at Tamil nadu teacher education university?

To get a certificate from Tamil Nadu teacher education university, you would need to contact the school and join the program. You will pay your tuition before classes start. After you get you degree, the diploma will be sent to you.

What does further education mean?

Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.

I would like to know if a Certificate of Completion any good to get in the Army It say that I have satisfactorily completed the course of study prescribed by the Board of Education for high school and therefore entitle to this Certificate of Completion.?

A ISP is simply a internet service provider. In other words, it is the company you are paying to provide you with internet service.

Is No objection certificate required from State Govt to run distance education from Punjab Technical University?

Type your answer here... If the program is approved by Distance education council. No objection certificate from local university is not required. Please note that higher education is a concurrent subject in our constitution, therefore approval from central body like DEC does not need no objection from state level university. jivraj patel

Is distance education of msc chemistry in bharathiyar university recognised by any universities in kerala?

Any University if recognized by UGC, then all other Universities should recognize. No need for Eligibility Certificate or Equivalency Certificate

Who has transcripts from American Institute of Paralegal Studies which was accredited by the Accrediting Commission for business Schools?

The American Institute for Paralegal Studies is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). I have transcripts and a Certificate of Completion in Paralegal Studies from the school, as well as a Certificate of Completion with a Specialty in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation. Why are you asking?

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