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Blood is produced in your bones. You can't really control blood production.

However, there are certain circumstances where you're body will require more blood and will, therefore, produce more.

Experiencing environments with a lower oxygen content than normal (such as at a higher altitude) will cause you're body to produce more red blood cells so the body can more efficiently distribute what little oxygen your body can pick up.

Another way to stimulate your body to produce more red blood cells would be to exercise more. When you exercise, your muscle use more oxygen than normal. To make it easier, your body produces more red cells so more oxygen can be transported to the active muscles.

Both of these are only temporary. If you were to, say, return to a lower altitude or stop exercising, your body would lose those extra cells blood cells.

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Q: How do you get create more blood in the human body?
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What might cause the body to create more blood cells?

Increased oxygen demand may cause the body to create more blood cells. For instance, smokers or people living at altitude have higher red blood cell counts to provide the body with adequate oxygen.

What happens if there is more blood in human body?

That makes no sense!

Which blood vessel carries more blood in human body?

Aorta (Main artery of body from which all others derive.)

How much blood does one human hold?

The average human adult has/can hold more than 5 liters (6 quarts) of blood in his or her body.

How much blood lose does it take in the human body to die?

The amount of blood in a body varies slightly with size, sex and age, but the average human has 8-12 pints of blood in their body. A blood loss of 4 pints or more without immediate medical attention will usually prove fatal.

In an adult how much blood is in the human body?

The average male has about 10 pints of blood in their body while the average female has between 5 and 8 pints of blood in their body. Some larger people have more than this.

How many km of blood vessels there are in the human body?

There are more than 100,000 km of blood vessels in the human body, enough to encircle the earth 2 1/2 times if they could be placed end-to-end.

How do stimulants affect the human body?

Stimulants affect the human body in several different ways. When a stimulant is ingested it can cause the heart to speed up and pump more blood throughout the body.

How does are body create energy from exercise?

Good question. More oxygenated blood, more blood, circulates more blood. Lymph cleans the toxins out, it stimulates the production of ATP, increases cell metabolism, increased activity of the mitochondria.

Aproximetly how many cells are there in the human body?

More than Billions of cells are present in the average human's body . In case of diseases like cancer of blood or situations like increase in number of WBC ( white blood cells ) ,etc .

Do you have more blood or more water in your body?

You have more water than blood in your body because your blood is mainly made up of water. 90% of your body is water

What is the role of heamoglobin?

it is found in red blood cells and mixes with oxygen to create oxyheamoglobin which is a high concentration of oxygen. this means the body can have more oxygen in the blood

Does Frankenstein have blood?

actually he does have blood but not human blood, its more of a monster, morbid blood and more thicher and darker in color & consistency. Franklenstein is shown to not lose weakness if it loses blood, blood doesnt work the same way in his body like it does in humans

Does the human body have more bacterial or human cells?

it has more human cells actually the human body has more bacterial cells. Although it may seem more likely that the human body would have more human cells than bacterial cells. -Vasillisa

Is having an increased amount of red blood cells dangerous to the human body?

No having more red blood cells is not dangerous to the body because they fight off infections, it is dangerous to have an increased amount of white blood cells.

Human body has two of what?

The Human Body has two Lungs, Kidneys and many more

Are there more red blood cells or white blood cells in your blood stream?

There are more red blood cells in your blood stream than white blood cells. Approximately 25% of the cells in the human body are red blood cells, approximately 1% of blood cells are white (in a healthy adult).

What all human nerves pumps more blood from human body if it got cut?

If i understand the question grammer correctly the human body would pump the same amount of blood but the blood surrounding the cut would get clotted and form a scab. But eventually the bone marrow makes new blood cells regardless because a lot of cells die then new cells take place

What is the more important system in the human body?

I think it's our blood, because it carries our air and it flows round our body so we can do all sorts of stuff.

There are many more white blood cells than red blood cells in your body?

No there are more red blood cells than white blood cells in the body.

How do you increase blood in human body?

Eat more leafy vegetables and eggs. Foods that has more iron content icreases blood levels. Drink 7-8 glasses of water and exercise thorougly.

What is the difference between dog and human circulatory systems?

In a humans heart it sends blood into the blood stream where your body can function. But in a dogs heart it has to send more blood into its body because the dog is more active! They are the same because they both have the same organs in humans and dogs body. Hope this answers your question!

Where does body heat escape in a human's body?

Body heat escapes from all of your body. It escapes more in places where we sweat more often, such as the armpits and forehead. It escapes when we blush as the blood is closer to the surface of the skin so heat can escape easier.

Why did the human race create the food chain?

The human race didn't create it, it is just survival of the fittest. Although the human race made it more organized.

What does tomatoes do for the body?

tomatoes make more blood in your body and more red blood cells so they are really good for you

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