Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you get deyoxs on ruby?

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action reply.

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Can you catch deyoxs in Pokemon Ruby?

yes but i have no idea how i think it has to be a mystery gift event

How do you get deyoxs in Pokemon pearl?

Trade, hack, or go to an event.

Where do you get deyoxs in Pokemon emerald?

you need to go to a Nintendo event or you can cheat.

Where is deyoxs in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can only get it from an event. In the other games you find it on an island...

How do you catch Deyoxs in Pokemon Emerald?

On your second trip tp space u will find him

Can you catch deyoxs on Pokemon diamond?

its imposible.hope this helped =] goodjack4 its imposible.hope this helped =] goodjack4

How do you get Deyoxs in Explorers of darkness?

After you have completed the game (foiled darkaris plots, and do all tht) you need to go 2 temporeal tower. (stock up well, because you first need to go through hidden land). At the spiral, the last 3 floors will each have a diffirent deyoxs form (3rd, regular,2nd, defence,last, offence) you'll need to KO all the forms. Then at the top, Deyoxs will challenge you. HOWEVER!!!! these requirments must be followed A. You will need to battle dialga and have him join your team first B. in order for deyoxs to join your team, you need to deal half or more damage (in oher words, do more damage than your partner) C. You will need to be holding the Mystery Part You will notice the Deyoxs you need to KO is transparent compared to the real one.

Is Lugia the second strongest Pokemon?

no its deyoxs and then the first best is arceus or drakrai but i know lugia is not the 2nd best.

How do you get a deyoxs in your pokedex without an AR or with migrating in diamond?

You can't unless you trade with some one who has it and got it from migrating or cheating with an AR.

How do you catch deyoxs on LeafGreen?

dude ur stupid u cant catch deoxys in LG because you need the mystery ticket or the aurora ticket

When to get Deyoxs in Sapphire?

Well ill tell you that you mised out because a Pokemon event handed out the arura ticket to get to birth island to catch deoxys srry

Does Ruby Rock?

Yes of course Ruby Rocks!!!!!!!! :D Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! v Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! v Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby Rox! Ruby(:

What is July's birth stone?

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

How do you get deyoxs as a friend area in Pokemon Blue rescue team?

Deoxys is on floor number 20 of Meteor Cave and if he asks to be your friend, and YOU say yes, you will automaticly get his friend area!

What is a good middle name for Ruby Jones?

Ruby Claire Jones Ruby Ann Jones Ruby Lynn Jones Ruby Marie Jones Ruby May/Mae Jones Ruby Luna Jones Ruby Renae Jones My favorites are Ruby Marie or Ruby Renae.

Who sings ruby ruby ruby?

It is true that the Kaiser Chiefs sing the song, Ruby.On the other hand, Dion DiMucci, better known as Dion, recorded the hit song, Ruby Baby, in 1962, where the background singers chant, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.

How do you get the ruby in Pokemon Ruby version?

There is no ruby. Pokemon ruby is just the name of the game.

What place on Club Penguin is the ruby at?

The ruby is at The Stage but you can only get it if the play is Ruby and the Ruby.

What is the biggest ruby?

the biggest ruby is Pokemon ruby

Where can you get the words of ruby ruby ruby?

AZLyrics has the lyrics for Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs. The link is below.

When was Ruby - Ruby album - created?

Ruby - Ruby album - was created in 1976.

Where do you find sneasel on Pokemon Ruby?

trade from Ruby/Sapphir trade from Ruby/Sapphir trade from Ruby/Sapphir trade from Ruby/Sapphir

How do you trade from ruby to ruby?

You can trade from Pokemon Ruby to another Pokemon Ruby using a link cable.

Is thre a such ruby called Egyptian ruby?

The only ruby native to Egypt is the famous singer named Ruby.

Is lab created ruby a ruby?

Yes. Synthetic ruby is genuine, but it is less valuable than natural ruby.