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How do you get dirt stains off a gunite pool?

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acid wash pool

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Q: How do you get dirt stains off a gunite pool?
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How do you remove yellow stains from a gunite pool?

Use a steal wire brush to brush off the yellow stains. Also, it might help to keep the chlorine level high.

What do you look for in a gunite built pool?

Sturdy but can send off poisons

How do you clean dirt stains off cement?

I've had some success with muriatic acid- although you have to be very careful & only works if stains not too deep. They sell it in pool supplies.

What product would you use for taking stains off of a gunite pebbletech pool around the water line?

I have worked my way around with muriatic acid on a whitewash brush then rinsed it with a hose. works a treat.

How do you clean pollen stains that have sat on the bottom of a gunite pool?

Turn your pool pump off and let the water settle and become still, 10 to 15 min is more than enough. Spread shock ( Cal-Hypo ) over the pool and it will settle on to the floor and bleach out the stains. Let it set for 5 min or so and turn every thing back on.

How do you get brown stains off a pool wall?

Brown stains can be removed by doing a shock treatment for the pool and then scrubbing the stain. Enzyme based pool chemicals will also remove brown stains.

How do you get calcium stains off pool walls?

You could wash your pool walls with pool acid.

How do you clean dirt off the bottom of the pool?

You can use a pool vacuum to clean dirt off the bottom of a pool. A pool vacuum clear is designed to be connected to a water source or it can be connected to your pool's circulation system.

What is the best to clean dirt and stains off concrete decking around a vinyl lined swimming pool?

muriatic acid. read the instructions

Can you clean scaling and dirt stains from a plaster pool without draining?

If your pool filter is up and running, also it is best to clean the walls and floor if you have a normal to high chlorine level because this will be also your cleaning agent. Take a soft bristle brush, get in the pool and start cleaning, all the above should come off. it is better if the filter is running so you can vac out the dirt, when the dirt goes to the bottom of the pool.

How much would it cost to sand blast a painted gunite pool and resurface it with new gunite if you live in Las Vegas?

The paint may be sandblasted off, Then just re-paint or marblelite

How can you get hard water stains off your vinyl pool liner?

clean it with peroxide

Is there a way to temporarily fill an in-ground pool only for a few years?

You haven't mentioned if the pool is a vinyl liner, fiberglass or gunite. What you will do is ruin the surface of the pool. Plan on replacing a vinyl liner, re-plastering a gunite pool and I'm not sure what effect dirt would have on a fiberglass. That being said: Drain and blowout all water in all the pipes and seal with threaded plugs. Remove the pump(s), filter and heater - all the equipment and drain and clean them. Remove any pool lights and turn off the electrical to the pool.Answeror to avoid destroying the pool if you think you may want it later simply install a solid safety cover. balance the water and winterize the equipment check and adjust pH every few months Rather then using dirt to fill it in use sand with just a layer of dirt on top for plants or grass

What is blue crystal and how do you get it off of your Gunite or Diamond Bright Pool?

Hum, not sure what you mean by Blue Crystal. Elaborate on my message board. k

How do you get paint off a gunite pool without sandblasting?

Pressure wash very close to the surface with a 15 degree tip and 2550psi or better.

How do you get rust stains off a pool liner?

Have you tried muriatic acid? be careful with the stuff though.

If your pool is made of both fiberglass and cement or gunite and the sides are fiberglass but the bottom is either cement or gunite is this a fiberglass pool that was filled with cement?

No. An older (possibly better) type of Fiberglass pool was constructed in this manner, with a concrete/Gunnite/Marcite trowled bottom and Fiberglass panels at the side of the pool. Panels are caulked together along vertical joints. Actually not a bad deal, but caulked joints must be maintained. Once the concrete starts showing through at the bottom of the pool, its time to drain and resurface. Bottom of pool should be acid washed every 3-5 years to keep it sparkling and remove mold, mildew, stains. If bottom surface is chipping off, its getting close to time to resurface bottom of pool. Bottom is treated just like any concrete/gunite/Marcite pool surface. Sides are simply brushed, caulked in timely manner.

How do you remove brown stains from swimming pool?

A lot of scrubbing and some chlorine

Do you have to sandblast paint off a gunite pool in order to repaint?

It would depend on the condition of the gunite and how many layers of paint are underneath. If the gunite is cracked or popping in places, sandblasting may damage the pool more. If the pool has been painted only one time previously acid washing may suffice. But you will always need to acid wash as a part of prepping the pool prior to painting. If there are several layers of paint on the pool sandblasting will ensure a better paint job. If you go with the acid washing and painting over existing paint be sure to have a chip of paint tested.

How do you get green stains off the pool plaster probably from tree debris?

Green stains (copper color) that cannot be removed indicate you might have a pH problem. K

How do you get stains and smell off the ground side of bottom of a vinyl pool liner?

Assuming this is a pool that is dismantaled each fall and reset each spring, I would use Natural Chemistry Cover cleaner. This product will clean the dirt as well as treat with a citrus smell. Hooks to your hose and sprays on. Mike

How do you get dirt stains off the bottom of a concrete bottom when a brush will not work?

by a chemical called stain out or by using a pumice stone.

Your watch is white rubber and you were wondering how to you clean the dirt stains off?

I heard baking soda and warm water works.

How do you clean green algae off the bottom of an inflatable plastic children's pool?

What is the best way to remove algae stains from the pool liner?Empty the pool, use a soft brush, mild detergent and water to remove algae stains from the pool liner. Thoroughly rinse and dry before refilling or storage.

How do you clean black stains that seem to be hard scale off of the inflatable ring on a quick set pool that was left uncovered all winter?

It totally depends on what made the stains, not what color they are.