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Q: How do you get donation of shoes from shaq for your church?
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Where does Shaq buy his clothes and shoes?

I saw Shaq today at Destination XL in Beverly Hills.

When was Old Donation Episcopal Church created?

Old Donation Episcopal Church was created in 1637.

What color do shaq morph come in?

The color combinations are Black and Red ,Blue and Black, and Gray and White for more info...go to Google and type in Shaq shoes or Shaq basketball Morph shoes and, then you will find what you were looking for.I help what i told you helped you out.

What is shaquil o'neals height?

shaq is 7`1 with shoes 7`0 without

Does Shaquille O'Neal where size 23 shoes?

yes shaq is a size 23 pretty big

What kind of shoes that shaq plays with?

Shaq wears his own signature shoe made by Reebok. They are called the Reebok ShaqTastic 6.

Should you make a donation to the church when the Pastor performs a Baptism?

Yes it's always good to give some donation to the Church when the new born is Baptized. It's not a compulsion, but is highly appreciated.

Can you wear shoes in the Church?

In a christian church you can.

Why can you write of money you give to your church on your US taxes?

Because it is considered a donation.

How much is a usual donation to the church for a mass card?

tithe means 10%

Does Shaquille O'Neal wear size 38 shoes?

According to his official NBA biography, Shaq's shoe size is 21 EEE.

Do Mormons believe in giving organs?

Yes. Organ donation is not something that is emphasized within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church), but most Mormons view organ donation positively.