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How do you get espeon?

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September 13, 2011 2:49AM

in Pokemon diamond you get your long-lost beloved espeon by getting the poketch app (i don't know what its called sorry) that lets you check how much you Pokemon love you. next you go to the Pokemon mansion and talk to mr. backlot (you have to have national dex) and he will talk about his trophy garden and how you're envious. sometimes he says he saw"a cute-eyed bonsly", "mime jr","happiny"... ect. sometimes he says he saw a "cute eyed eevee." this is your chance! he will argue with his servant and then exit the room after his servant does. go to the trophy garden and search for the eevee. (pokeradar won't work). use your eevee during the day not at night! unless you want umbreon. now about that poketch app... when you use it and your eevee has two small hearts that get bigger, level up your eevee one more time during the day and...........BLAMMMO!!! evolve goes the eevee! or should i say.... espeon?!?!

if it didn't work, sorry. it should though. sorry it's so long! I've been typing for an hour!hope this helps! ;)

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