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XTC only stays in your system for about three days but if you still need to clean yourself out then buy a detox, I think most good ones are around $40.

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How long do they stay in your system?

How long do extacy stay in your system

How long before extacy is out of your system?

24 hours

How long does extacy take to leave your system?

72 hours

How long do extacy pills stay in your system for?

72 hours

How long does it take extacy to get out of your system?

two to three days

How long do it take extacy to get out your system?

2-3 days

How long does it take for extacy to leave your system?

It takes 3-5 days for extacy to leave your system. Most drug test cant detect extacy after 3 days but my friend rolled a blunt after taking exstacy two days later and because it was under his nails it came up in his drug test along with weed.

How long until extacy no longer shows up?

it gets out your system 3 days after taking it

How much is extacy?

extacy is about 5 to 10 dollarsbut when your at a rave its like 10-20

Can extacy kill you?

no it can not

What does extacy mean?

Ecstacy is a love drug. It makes you horny. Extacy means love or happyness.

Can a person on extacy transfer it's affect to a person not doing extacy and have it show up in there urine?

can a person on extacy transfer it's affect to a person that is not doing the drug and have it show up in there urine

Is extacy addictive?


What are the names for extacy?


What are Rolls?

It's extacy.

Is extacy good?

Is Extacy good? Extacy is only good it you take it and your on it. Its very bad for your body and if you do enough basically your spinal fluids drain out of your body in your pee. Doing extacy is a fun and lovable expierence but the next day is like a harsh hangover worst then drinking i think but that's only if you do enough of it

Is garret extacy gay?


How can you produce extacy?

tickle the clitoris

Will extacy affect appetite?


What is the best way to do extacy?

to not at all.

How harmfull is extacy?

bears eat you gggrrr

Can extacy be harmful?

Only if you are stupid, otherwise no

Does methadone block the effects of extacy?


Can you get a contact high from extacy?

You might as well

Where to buy Extacy?

Where can I find to buy Extcy

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