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One might learn how to get free skill points by watching YouTube tutorials. Another way one might obtain free skill points on this game would be to look at a magazine for tips on how to acquire them.

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Q: How do you get free skill points on nba 2k12 without hacking?
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How do you get unlimited skill points on nba 2k12 without hacking for xbox 360?

go to main menu then go to where it says unlimited and turn it on

How do you get free skill points on 2k12?

Can you buy a car in nba 2k12 if you retire?

Yes and a house but you have to have at least 500,000 skill points

How do you get unlimited skill points in NBA 2k12 for PS3?

You don't get them even with a cheat code

Why did nba 2k12 take away MY Player skill points?

your house might have had a power outage while your game was still running

When do you become a star player in nba 2k12 my player?

To become a star player, you have to earn enough skill points and atributes to increase your rating.

How do you get unlimited skill points in NBA 2k12 for PS3 I know you have to mod the game it is just that all of the videos or website I go to are either for XBOX or way too confusing?

if you pray to burger king whopper sandwhich you will make alot of 3 pointers

How do you get skill points in nba 2k12 your player mode?

Kinda hard at the beginning, you can change the sliders, the user baserunning speed is a 40 and everything else is 50, so i just put it up to 50 and now a can steal base and put some runs.

Can you update your nba 2k11 rosters to 2k12 currents without owning a copy of 2k12 I'm mainly asking because I'd like to put the current rookies on 2k12 and update Jeremy Lin's stats?

First of all why is lin so amazing.

What is 2k12?

NBA 2K12 is the best game ever out and nobody can beat me in NBA 2K12

Is NBA 2k12 and NBA 2k12 legends showcase on one game CD?

yes and i know because I have NBA 2K12

How do you steal in MLB 2k12?

How to steal a base in MLB 2k12 wii