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Fus is learned at Bleak Falls Barrow,

Ro is taught to you at High Hrothgar,

Dah is learned at High Hrothgar also when you return the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

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Q: How do you get fus ro dah in skyrim?
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Fus Ro DAH = Fuhs Ro DAH (Food-Foos)(BAH-DAH) FUS RO DAH!

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Fus Ro DAH = Fuhs Ro DAH (Food-Foos)(BAH-DAH) FUS RO DAH!

What does fus ro dah mean?

In the game called Skyrim you can unlock a power called a dragon shout (a shout that effects the world around you) Fus Ro Dah are the words you say for one of the shouts it causes the person (or people) that the direction you shouted at to be flung great distances sense its fun for most people to Fus Ro Dah random people in this game it has become a internet sensation/meme

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Fus Ro Dah!

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The answer is within yourself, if you look deep enough you will find out if you are dragon born. Fus Ro Dah

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you take off the top cover and shout fus ro dah

What is Fus ro dah?

Those are the 3 words of the Unrelenting Force shout. In the language of the dragons, they mean "Force", "Balance" and "Push" respectively.

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The answer my friends is to look deep inside yourself, then if you are truly dragon born the shout will come naturally. FUS RO DAH.

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Become thedragon-born and fight through Skyrim until you unlock the FUS ROH DAH shout and use it and he should fly into the table and it will shatter rendering you the winner.Use a chair.Or throw them off a ladder.

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