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Q: How do you get hair off your arms?
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Shave public hair?

Women commonly shave the hair off many parts of their body, including legs and arms. Men also shave hair off public and private parts of their body.

What is a context clue for the word singe?

A context clue for singe is "The grill singed the hair off of my arms."

How do you tell you mum you have hair under your arms?

Hey mum, I have hair under my arms :O

Where do boys like girls to touch them?

their hair, boys love when you play with their hair. Also, there arms. Grab their arms.

What should i do i am a girl with hair on my arms?

Well all girls have hair on their arms so I wouldn't be TOO worried about it.

Why does hair grow on your arms and legs?

we used to be monkeys so we still have hair in odd places like arms and legs

Why do you have hair under your arms?

you have hair under your arms because god made it that way everyone has them it's part of nature.

Does tom delonge shave his arms?

He doesn't, he has hair on his arms, just not thatmuch.

Can you cut the hair on your arms?

Some people who want to rid of their hair on their arms can shave it with a razor and shaving foam, however once you have done that the hair grows back very long making your arms hairy hope this helps!

Should you wax the hair on your arms?

Depending on how hairy your arms are. Waxing the hair on your arms can be painful but if you're a beauty freak you can. If you're a dude though, you'll seem a bit strange.

What do women with hairy arms do?

Women with hairy arms either live with it or they remove the hair. There are depilatories on the market that are made especially for arm hair.

Do full blooded Indians have hair on their arms?


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