Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

How do you get hm rock smash Pokemon HeartGold?


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receive from a boy in route 36


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In Pokémon HeartGold, you can find the Rock Smash HM in Route 36, a fat guy will give it to you.yes. but flash in no longer an HM

Rock Smash isn't an HM in this game.

There is no Rock Smash HM in Pokémon Yellow.

Pokemon liquid crystal how to get rock smash

In Violet City, go north and left. Talk to the Hiker to receive the HM.

cut, surf, fly, rock smash, rock climb, strength, and waterfall In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum there is HM defog. In HeartGold and SoulSilver there is HM whirlpool.

In this game, rock smash is not an HM, it is a TM.

no Pokemon can learn rock smash by leveling up you have to get the hm.

ruins of alph in rocks use rock smash (hm)

Rock Smash is not a HM, it's a TM. You can get it from a Battle Girl outside Pinwheel Forest

you can get strength HM from using rock smash on the rock that seperates the couple in the village across from marvile which you get rock smash from.

As soon as you get the 7th badge and the HM rock smash.

It's the same with heartgold and soulsilver. Theres a fat boy near the enterance of the ruins of alph talk to him and he should give you HM Rock smash

HM rock smash can be found in Mauville city in the house to the right of the poke mart.

HM06 Rock Smash is given to you by a Hiker on Route 36.

You get the HM rock smash and teach it to one of your Pokemon. You get it on island 1.

A wide variety of Pokemon can use Rock Smash. Most Fighting, Rock and Ground type Pokemon can learn the move Rock Smash from the TM or HM depending on the Pokemon version.

In Mauville City, enter a house with pink roof, talk to the guy inside (the Rock Smash guy) and he'll give you HM Rock Smash...

Teach the HM Rock Smash to a Pokemon in your party. Then Click the A button on the rock with that Pokemon in your party still, and you'll have the option to use it.

you get it from oak after beating blue

cut, strength, surf, whirlpool, waterfall, fly, rock smash. but there are moves u can use outside of battle that arent HMs

you can use the hm strength you can smash rocks with rock smash

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