Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you get in galactic warehouse?

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you need the galactic key

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Where is the galactic key in pearl?

In the Galactic warehouse. 0.0

Where to get galactic key in Pokemon platnium?

you get the galactic key from that undercover officer when he finds it in galactic warehouse or you need to find it in the warehouse or the galactic hq. there both in veilstone city. you will find a item in the warehouse that might be it because i forgot

Where in galactic HQ is the second key?

At the end of the Galactic warehouse

How do you get in the warehouse?

The Galactic warehouse is located in the northwestern area of Veilstone City. This Warehouse can be enter after obtaining the storage key from the Grunt outside the Galactic HQ building.

How do you get in the galactic warehouse?

Talk to the two galactic runts outside the warehouse. Keep pressing A until they battle with you. After you win, they will run away and you will be able to get inside the warehouse.

Where is the first galatic key?

the first galactic key is in the galactic warehouse

How do you get into the galactic warehouse?

you have to get the secret key

Where is looker after you have founde the sevin sages in Pokemon black?

you have to beat the galactic warehouse, and when/if you beat it you then go into the galactic HQ by entering from the galactic warehouse, and then Looker will come open the door.

How do you get the galactic key in platinum?

You must go through the Galactic Warehouse in Veilstone City to get the Galactic Key.

How do you get the team galactic keycard from?

from a POKe"ball in team galactic sister warehouse.

Where do you get the team galactic warehouse key?

the galactic key is in somewhere in the game N.M.I

Where is the dusk stone in the galactic warehouse?

on the roof

How to get fly on Pokemon platinum?

In The Galactic Warehouse.

What do you do after going in the team galactic warehouse in platinum?

When you have got the galactic key from the warehouse then you need to go to the other side where you got the warehouse key.use the galactic team to open the door and then you need to find out where the boss is located.then u free the 3 legendary pokemons!

Where is the special key for the galactic warehouse?

the galactic key is in galactic headquarters somewhere and the storage key is somewhere in veilstone city

How do you get the key to the warehouse in Pokemon pearl?

Go to Veilstone City and go into the Galactic Warehouse

Where is the key to team galactic's HQ in Pokemon platinum?

In the galactic warehouse to the left of the Galactic HQ

How do you get through Team Galactic Headquarters in Pokemon diamond?

Get the Galactic Key in the warehouse and unlock the door.... -_-

How do you get hm fly in Pokemon platinum?

its in the galactic warehouse

Where is the galactic warehouse in Pokemon platinum?

Veilstone City

Where is thekey to the team galactic warehouse?

at HQ :p

How do you get fly in Pokemon brown?

you get it in team galactic warehouse

Where do you find the key to get in the galactic warehouse?

A grunt will drop it

Where is the move fly in platinum?

in the Galactic warehouse on the ground

What do you do after you get the galactic key?

You are able to open those doors that say: It needs a special key in the Galactic Warehouse.