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Upon landing, you'll find two things: A Save Circle, and a Character Gate. The Character Gate is purple, and has an 80 on it, so you'll need to switch to Trunks, and level him up a bit -- Southwest Forest is probably the best place you have to do this, currently. After you've leveled up enough, return to the Thieves Den, and bust down the gate, and head off the screen to the right from there. There, you'll find several Snipers and Hooligans; Simply fight your way past them, to the next screen. There, you'll see a bridge on your right. Walk over it, beating up the Goon standing on it, and walk to the next screen. There, you'll find a few more bandits -- Including a few Hessians, armed with rocket launchers. Defeat them, and head to the next screen, to the north. There, you'll find the strong battle tank, the Juggernaut. You can just run around it, but if you choose to take it down, just go Super Saiyan and punch it a few times. Four men will fall out, but you can beat them easily. After that's settled, head north again. There, you'll find a Sniper and a Hooligan. To the right of there, are a few more enemies with rocket launchers, and another fork in the road. The path to the right, leads to a lighthouse; There, you'll be able to do side quests in return for exhibits for the museum. To the north, is the Thieves Den. That's where you're headed now, so go up there. There are two Criminals near the door, but you'll notice that they aren't hostile. So, rather than fight them, talk to them, after equipping yourself with a BANDANNA that one of the other thieves you defeated should have dropped (If you don't have one, go defeat some more, so that you can find one.) Assuming you have a Bandanna on, you'll be allowed into the town. Use the Save Circle once inside. Head to the north side of town, and you'll find two houses; The one on the left even has a treasure chest on top, that you can come back as Goku later to reach. For now, head into the building on the right, though. Just walk across the house, and walk up the three flights of stairs, in a row, that you will find. At the top, you'll find a group of bandits, and the leader will allow yo to choose a piece of the treasure they have for yourself. Of course, you want the [DRAGON BALL]. So, walk up to the table and grab it. After you have the ball, however, a monkey will jump off of a nearby shelf, and steal your bandanna The thieves will then realize that you're not a bandit, and attack you! Take out the Goon first, as he's the biggest, then clear out the rest of the thieves in the room. Head outside where you'll notice, the thieves are more hostile -- with the exception of the ones in the Z-Mart, that you can still shop at. You don't have to stick around though. Walk back along the beach, to the flight pad you landed on, and fly off again.

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Q: How do you get in the 1 star dragonball in Dragon Ball Z buu's fury?
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