How do you get in the chimney on 24 carrot island?


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Go to the abandoned farmhouse at the Funny Bunny Carrot Farm, to the left of Main Street on 24 Carrot island. Climb to the roof and you can enter through the chimney.

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On the abandoned farmhouse, to the right of Main Street.

The chimney in 24 carrot

On the farmhouse to the left of Main Street, the chimney is the only way into the house.

You could get a house on Poptropica. But not a pet. To get a house you could get a house on 24 Carrot Island! It's on the carrot farm. If you complete 24 Carrot Island... you have a mystery roomate! You go thru the chimney to get in. Is that easy enough.

Bring her the bowl from the old farmhouse. (Enter through the chimney.)

Go left from Main Street and enter the farmhouse through the chimney.

The farmhouse is past the Funny Bunny Carrot Farm, tothe left of Main Street. The house is closed up, but you can climb to the roof and enter through the chimney.

The waitress at the diner will give you some. Get the bowl from the old farmhouse (enter thru the chimney).

You enter through the chimney. The glass bowl is on the floor. You cannot walk past it.


The mayor of the town on 24 Carrot Island will give you the Island Medallion when you complete the quest.

24 Carrot Island is the 4th island of Poptropica. It came out in June, 2008.

24 Carrot Island does not have a cockpit. 24 Carrot Island was released in 2008 and the main objective of the game is to stop the evil Dr. Hare from controlling Poptropica.

24 carrot diner isn't in shark tooth it is in 24 carrot

The chimney is on top of the farmhouse to the left of the starting area.

He is in the carrot cake factory

There is no painters room on 24 carrot island.

Go to the farmhouse left of Main Street, go in through the chimney and get the cat's bowl on the downstairs floor.

The "carrot blender" on 24 Carrot Island is a factory machine that formerly created ingredients for carrot cake. It has been altered by Dr. Hare to make rocket fuel.

No. But the carrot transporter can bring you back to the Factory from anywhere on the island!

Go in the farmhouse through the chimneypick up the pitcher on the floorgo to the cafeask the waitress to fill it with milk

go into the house on the leftmost section through the chimney and get the empty bowl. then go right to the diner and ask the waitress for the milk.

You get a item the allows you to get out of the factory on 24 Carrot island. It"s like a carrot-like control.

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