How do you get in the club on evil dead fistful of boomstick?

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Enigma or riddle 7 letters ending in a y

What was the main weapon in 'Evil Dead'?

Answer . chainsaw as a hand. Ash didn't get his Chainsaw hand or his boomstick (Stoeger Coach Gun) until ED2. In the original, they pretty much used whichever they could, though Ash did favor an axe.

Is there a evil penguin on Club Penguin?

Watch out for Denno Senshi hes the most evilest penguin ever and senshi he is evil he hacks accs and if ur member takes ur bank acc ill get more (DENNO SENSHI IS A FAKE, THIS IS NOT A REAL EVIL PENGUIN!) . There is no really evil penguin on Club Penguin, but there is a evil polar bear named Herbe ( Full Answer )

Is Club penguin evil?

That is a matter of personal opinion. Some people may think it is evil while others do not.\n\nits evil when i tried to do a new account with my hotmail account email it said its to easy put some symbols in and i did everything an email needs!!!!! Not at all it is extremely safe. Unless there is ba ( Full Answer )

Will there be an Evil Dead 4?

Maybe but it depends on how you see it and depends on if the maker is ever going to make it or not.

What attacks ash in evil dead?

Linda attacks Ash, Scotty attacks Ash, and Cheryl attacks Ash; none of them kill Ash. Ash kills nearly everyone (Linda, Scotty, and Cheryl), because they are all possessed by demons at one point. At the end of the movie "the Evil", the last demon spirit after destroying the book, attacks Ash and the ( Full Answer )

What is the fist?

Roll the tips of you fingers into your palm and squeeze tight. This is a fist.

Is evil kenevil dead?

Friday, November 30, 2007 marked the end of what will forever be remembered as the longest and most courageous battle between one man, a man we all know as the world's greatest daredevil, and death. Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel died in Clearwater, Florida, finally succumbing after nearly a three-year ( Full Answer )

Will there be a new evil dead movie?

Yes, there will be, and as far as I know it is close to wrapping up production. From what I've heard it will be kind of a prequel to the film as well as a remake of the first one for the most part.

Where can you download evil dead 2 for free?

You can watch the full movie on youtube in parts. Search by "Evil Dead Dead by Dawn part 1" or "Evil Dead 2 part 1" If you want to download it you have to pay. Sorry that i can't help you more than telling you the obvious. That would be against Wikianswer's Terms of Service i think..

Who directed evil dead?

Sam Raimi directed "Evil Dead".. He also directed "Evil Dead 2" and "Army Of Darkness".. These three films are a trilogy.

Where was the Evil Dead II filmed?

According to IMDb:. De Laurentiis Studios, Wilmington, North Carolina (studio). Detroit, Michigan. Wadesboro, North Carolina. Hope that helps!

Which is better dead space or Resident Evil?

To me its all about Dead Space hands down. Dead Space (compared to for example- Resident Evil 5) has better graphics better lighting for the right places and moments, better blood and gore, better death scenes, has a longer play time than it.

Is Steve from Resident Evil dead?

Steve is presumed to be "dead" although near the end of the game Wesker tells Claire that his body has been taken to his research lab. Therefore it can be inferred that Wesker is planning to utilize Steve as an enemy in the next game starring or involving Claire as a playable character. So in a s ( Full Answer )

How can you be evil on Club Penguin?

wear mostly black tese other penguins and be mean to other penguins or say stuff like pushes down on club penguin~Bla87 ps.i do that to cp babys because i hate them pss.cp babys are also called mwa mwa penguins

Evil dead the game on ps2 release date?

Both Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick New $35 Used $5 + and Evil Dead: Regeneration New $35 Used $2+ are available for the PS2. The PS1 game Evil Dead: Hail to the King might work on the PS2 system if a copy can be found

Is the movie evil dead real?

Yes, it is well known that the events of the Film "Evil Dead" are based upon true events that took place within the 1960's.

What is a fist?

A fist is a person's hand with the fingers clenched or curledinwards. To "make a fist" of something is to make a reasonableeffort.

Where is the dead dog in Resident Evil 5?

I've played Resident Evil countless of times, and I don't recall a Dead Dog. But if you're referring to the Infected Dogs, you can find them in the level where the trains are. Ya' know the level where Chris says, "Sheva, do you know where the mines are?"

Is evil dead regeneration 2 player?

you have to defeat the 4 th boss then you will find a computer next to the tower go near it press select then you will have choise

Is leonfom resident evil dead?

nope he is alive at the end of 4 and the RE 5 archives say nothing more about leon beyond 4

Is leon dead from Resident Evil 4?

No if you play the whole game and complete it you see the final video where they escape when Ada blows up the island after you kill saddler which is hard but worth it when you get the unlocks (they are brilliant) but belive it or not thanks to Ada saddlerisnt that hard to kill

What is better left for dead 2 or Resident Evil 5?

Dead Space 2. Let me explain. I own and played both games to then end - I had the RE5 Gold edition with all the extra content. The Resident Evil series is really not that fun and the game series still has issues. The "on rails" control scheme, the limited ammo and hunting for herbs, limited inventor ( Full Answer )

How do you get into the payne temple in the evil dead?

You find two vases in the museum, go to the picture of Nathaniel Payne, put the vases on the pilliars next to the painting and it will open. when it opens, you will see a bonelike object. you pick up the object, and follow the beeping sounds. (you need to either cut the power or get the key to the e ( Full Answer )

Is leon dead in resident evil poerasion raccoon city?

Seems like it but no, He can't be, because he is in resident evil 4, operation raccon city is set in 1998 between resident evil 2 & 3 before that. But i may be wrong, but pretty sure he isn't dead

Is evil canevil dead?

Evel Knievel died November 30, 2007 at the age of 69. He succommed to a long time battle with diabetes and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Is g from Club Penguin evil?

He is not.people have thought but there wrong.The proof is that why would he be an epf agent if he was on club penguin evil

What did ash lose to the dark side in the movie evil dead?

Ash's girlfriend is possessed in the original evil dead movie. In the sequel, which is basically a retelling, he loses his right hand. He cuts it off when it becomes infected by the curse, and it then comes to life. In the end of the movie ash and his pontiac are sucked through a vortex into the pas ( Full Answer )

How do you be an evil club pengyuin baby?

You basically act all sweet until somebody comes and adopts you. Then you have to start demanding things like a bigger room or some milk or food. Whenever they say yes, you just have to say its not good enough. And do really naughty things like screaming and crying in public places or jumping into t ( Full Answer )

How do you be an evil baby on Club Penguin?

Hello! Today I'm showing you how to be an evil bay bee on cp. here are my two ideas. Option 1. * Dress in red and wear the ninja suit. * Hurt and torment babies.* Be mean to the mum you have. * Say this: Kits silly mumu! Or Flaps mumu! The mom will be angry. Option 2. I know a trick that will make t ( Full Answer )

How do you be an evil club penguin bay bee?

Dress Cute And Be Rude But Not Too Rude Or You Will Get Banned Example:Barfs On Mumu's New Top,Kits Broder-Wista-Mumu,Rips Pillow And I Gate Woo Mumu!

How scary is evil dead?

The Evil Dead is a series of American horror films that revolves around an ancient text called Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. How scary the series is will vary depending on the person watching it.

How many characters died in the original version of Evil Dead?

Sam Raimi directed the movie Evil Dead, which featured the stars Bruce Campbell, Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss, and Anchor Bay. The movie in the supernatural horror genre and accounts for the death of three characters.

When was the movie 'Evil Dead 2' produced?

The movie Evil Dead 2 was produced in 1986 and filming took place in Michigan and North Carolina at this time. It was then released into theaters in March 1987.

What is the plot of the movie 'The Evil Dead'?

The Evil Dead is a horror movie originally released in 1981. The plot of this classic horror film is about 5 friends at a cabin in the woods who encounter supernatural and terrifying events.

What studio released the DVD movie Evil Dead?

The DVD film "The Evil Dead (2013)" was released by Ghost House Pictures Film District and distributed by Sony Pictures and TriStar Pictures. You can get more information about this film at the Wikipedia and Internet Movie Database.

How many movies in the evil dead series?

There are 3 original movies and 1 remake of the first Evil Deadmovie. Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. The remake hada slightly different story than the original. The original movieswere made to be somewhat comical and the remake was made to be moresinister.

What actors and actresses appeared in Evil Dead II - 1987?

The cast of Evil Dead II - 1987 includes: Sid Abrams as Fake Shemp Josh Becker as Fake Shemp Sarah Berry as Annie Knowby Denise Bixler as Linda Mitch Cantor as Fake Shemp Richard Domeier as Ed Getley Tony Elwood as Luggage Monkey Jenny Griffith as Fake Shemp Lou Hancock as Henrietta Knowby Dan Hicks ( Full Answer )