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invite the headmaster!

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Q: How do you get in to a private school on sims 2?
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Cheat sims 2 private school?

You cant get them into a private school with a cheat use boolProp 'testingCheatsenabled true' and click sim moder then click seario tester

How do you play your sims 2 when their at school?

Sims are not playable when they are at school or work.

How do you homeschool your kid on sims 2?

No, you can't home-school your child on Sims 2. You can only send them to school.

Do teen sims Vampires have to go to school in Sims 2?


In sims 2 when you get into private school do children to come go to it aswell without having to invite the headmaster again?

You must invite the headmaster again, but it is easier.

Is there a holiday when Sims in Sims 2 get off school?

No, there are no holidays except for weekends.

Is there a wizard school in Sims 2?

No there isn't.

Can you see your sim at work in Sims 2 PC?

No, you can not follow Sims to work or school.

How do you get into the school for the gifted in Sims 3?

You can not get into a private or a school for the gifted, but your sim can get an honor role. To get this your sim/s have to be in good condition when they go to school and they have to do their homework the day they get it.

How do you not have youre sims go to school on The Sims 2?

Just keep cancelling out the got to school action and the bus will leave without them.

Do young Sims have to go to school on The Sims games?

Yes, young sims have to go to school, on The Sims games. Including The Sims Deluxe Edition, The Sims 2, Pets, and especially The Sims 3. Actually, young sims dont HAVE to go to school. For example, on the Sims PS2 (It's the same as the computer version) I skipped school while playing on the GOTH family in Play the Sims. Although Cassandra (the little girl in the GOTH family) got a C. So I recommend you send them to school.

Can your sims get sent to jail in The Sims 2?

not that i know of. the only thing i know of is military school for teenagers.