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you be very good at motor racing and get sponsorship to pay for your career

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Why was F1 made a sport?

F1 is in the racing genre and racing is a sport so it was always racing.

Which is faster lmp1 or f1?

F1 is the fastest circuit racing in the world.

Who started f1 racing?


Did The Prost F1 racing team become Toyota in 2002?

No. The prost f1 racing team became bankrupt and withdrew from F1 racing at the end of the year 2001. They never competed in the 2002 season. The Toyota Racing team was a totally new team sponsored by the Japanese Car manufacturer Toyota. They did not acquire Prost F1.

Is f1 good?

F1 is great but it depends whether your interested in cars and racing or not!

Who invented F1 racing?

bernie eccelstein

Who was Lewis Hamilton named after?

f1 racing

How is a F1 racing car stable?


Which year did World Champion Schumacher retired from F1 Racing?

2006 was his final year in F1.

What are the teams for the 2010 F1 season?

A Total of 13 teams are competing this 2010 season. They are:Vodafone McLaren MercedesMercedes GP PetronasRed Bull RacingScuderia Ferrari MarlboroAT & T WilliamsRenault F1Force IndiaScuderia Toro RossoLotus F1 RacingCampos Meta 1US F1Virgin RacingBMW Sauber F1

What markings are required on an f1 racing car?


What is the newest addition to the F1 racing circuits?

South Korea - The Korean Grand Prix to be held at the Korea International Circuit is the latest addition to the F1 racing calender.

Where can one watch F1 racing live?

One can watch F1 racing live on some television channels and online streams. Online options include EPL Site and F1 Fanatic. Television channels include BBC sport.

What sports are now but not then?

Motorcross, hang gliding, F1 racing,

Who owns mclaren?

No one but mercedes has a partnership with them in f1 racing

What are the release dates for I Bet You - 2007 F1 Racing 2-8?

I Bet You - 2007 F1 Racing 2-8 was released on: USA: 29 May 2008

Who won f1 in America 1993?

There was no F1 race held in America in the year 1993. The season F1 racing champion was Alain Prost of Williams Renault.

What are the new teams joining F1 in 2010?

The new teams joining the F1 2010 season are:Mercedes GP PetronasLotus F1Campos Meta 1US F1Virgin Racing

What is the f1 manager game called on miniclip?

Try Formula Racing.

Who was killed in F1 racing in 1994?

Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzemberger.

Name of spanish F1 racing driver?

Fernando Alonso? lol

What team is Michael schumacher racing for?

He is currently with the Mercedes F1 team.

What is the fastest car on real racing 2?

Mclaren F1 GTR

Spanish F1 racing driver world champion 2005?

Fernando Alonso

What does f1 do?

only the best motor racing in the world. have you not heard of the grand prix?