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Be ranked elite duelist.

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u cant

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Q: How do you get into obelisk blue dorm in yugioh gx duel academy?
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Can you change dorms in Yugioh GX tag force evolution?

You can but only if your level is high enough lv. 25 for ra and lev. 40 for obelisk blue good luck

What are the yugioh gx duel academy ranks in order?

The ranks for students are:Slifer Red: Named after "Slifer the Sky Dragon". The lowest rank in the academy.Ra Yellow: Named after "The Winged Dragon of Ra". The middle rank of the academy.Obelisk Blue: Named after "Obelisk the Tormentor". The highest rank one can obtain.Obelisk White: A temporary dorm made by Sartorius when he invaded Duel Academy. They are similar to Obelisk Blue, but they have somewhat different clothes attire.

How do you get the dorm jackets in yugioh gx spirit caller?

to get the ra yellow, duel professor sartyr until he gives it to you. if you want the obelisk blue, i think you duel zane until he gives it to you.

How do you get in obelisk blue in yugioh gx spirit caller?

Unfortunately, you can't change your dorm, you're stuck in Red. However, you can change your uniform which is a second good thing. Good luck!

Where is mindy on yu gi oh gx spirit caller?

She usually resides near the Obelisk Blue Girls' Dorm or near the beach.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force where is location lab?

On May 15, you should get an E-Mail from Chancellor Sheppard that their is a suspicious lab near the OBELISK BLUE GIRL's Dorm and that is where the lab is.

Yugioh spirit caller school dule chazznort acadmy vs you?

First you must be Level 12+ and have done the Dimitri event (you find him randomly outside the Red Dorm). Crowler will announce that Duel Academy will have a match between their representative duelist and the representative duelist of North Academy. They will have to choose between you, Jaden and Bastion (guess who's representing Duel Academy [^.^] ).

Where can you duel Alexis in Yugioh gx spirit caller?

You fight him along the story line. The first time he's at the pond next to the Girl's Blue Dorm and Ra Yellow Dorm. The second time I've dueled him was when he wanted revenge, and he became a level 3 in strength instead of a level 2. He wasn't really tough for me though. That's all the times I've dueled him though, and I haven't beaten the game yet.

Are there dorm switch exams Yu-Gi-Oh gx spirit caller?

You can't switch dorms. I've looked online for an answer for ages and tried everything I know on the game. The exams you get on a Monday morning are just for fun, but you get the title of Novice if you get 10/10. You can also try and look like you're in a different dorm by getting Ra Yellow and Obelisk Blue costumes. For the Ra yellow, beat Satyr until he gives it to you, and for Obelisk, beat Zane or Chazz (one of the two, I can't remember) until he gives it to you.

How Complete the event of Blair in Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duel Academy?

If Jaden wakes you up and Banner has a meeting in the cafeteria then you have started the event. Once the cut scene ends head straight to Obelisk Blue Male Dorm and then you should get a new scene. When Blair runs off head to the North area of the island and keep looking for the encounter (much like you look for a duelist). Sooner or later you should activate the final part of the event and she will duel you.

Where does SHINee live?

SHINee live in the SM Academy dorms, much like many KPop idols. The location of their dorm is unconfirmed, but chances are that they live near the SM Academy building in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Are there dorm rooms at Ouran academy?

Sorry, but no. Ouran Academy is a normal rich persons school, not a rich person's boarding school. The host club resides in an abandoned music room, more specifically, the third music room.