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yeah but you need to have all 200 pokemons in your pokedex and then go to the space center and you will find on the first floor an old man who is staring at the window go ask him and say yes(you have to finish the whole gamelike battle tower 50challangers in a row ok

NEW ANSWEROKAY EVERYBODY, you know how everyone says that to get jirachi u need gammeshark, or all the Pokemon or anything like that....

well if you have the gamecube game POKEMON CHANNEL, after you beat the game on channel, on the start menu go to options then jirachi or something! U HAVE TO HAVE a link cable from gameboy (or sp) to gamecube and it transferrs a jirachi!

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okay don't panic but it's almost impossible to get jirachi. I do trust the answer above me but there is also one other way to get that star headed powerful Pokemon. First get a Pokemon colleseum bonus disk which is a rare bonus disk for the Japanese Pokemon coliseum. You can buy it on Ebay for just about $30-$40 then when you have it set up a link cable between your gamecube and your gba. Then go to play the bonus disk and send over jirachi now you have one. If you can't afford a gamecube and link cable and bonus disk like i can't then hack it. Also there are many random rumors about the man in the space center ... don,t believe them all that he does is counts the days that you;ve been playing since you got the national dex it is useful for completing battle frontier goals you've made by counting the days it takes you to beat ETC.

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Q: How do you get jirachi in Pokemon ruby and sapphire?
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How do you get Jirachi in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't. You can only get jirachi in ruby and sapphire. You would have to trade from ruby or sapphire.

Can you catch Jirachi in Pokemon Crystal?

No. Jirachi was only introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

How do you catch jirachi in Pokemon Silver?

You can't get Jirachi in Pokemon Silver, because it is before Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

In which Pokemon game can you catch jirachi?

emerald Sapphire and ruby

How do you get the jirachi in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to get it trough an event or transfer it from ruby or sapphire.

Where is jirachi in Pokemon sapphire?

jirachi is not in sapphire

How do you get jirachi on Pokemon ruby?

you have to have a us bonus disc of Pokemon collosseum trade it to ruby sapphire or emerald but if you have Pokemon diamond or pearl you will have to migrate.

Where to get jirachi in Pokemon?

Umm....Gameshark Cheats,and trading. If its on Ruby and Sapphire,its on the Pokemon colloseum and Pokemon channel

How do you catch a jirachi on Pokemon Diamond?

Jirachi cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. It can, however, be transferred from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, assuming you got it from a Nintendo event.

How do you get jirachi without game shark?

If you are playing Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, you can obtain a Jirachi by using the Bonus Disc that came with Pokemon Colosseum. Another way is by participating upcoming or current events for Jirachi. This would only work for X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, however.

How do you get jirachi and other rare Pokemon on ruby and sapphire?

You need to have the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc. The only way you can get the disc is by reserving Pokemon Colosseum. It is the only way of getting a Jirachi the legit way and without hacking. A Gameboy Advance Gamecube Connecter, a Gamecube, and ruby or sapphire gamepak is required for your Jirachi, and of course, the bonus disk.

Which pokemon game can you catch Jirachi in?

ruby, sapphire, emerald, fire red, leaf green

Where do you get a jirachi in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The only way to get Jirachi is: Trade it from Pokemon Pearl,Diamond or Platinum or migrate it for Emerald, Ruby,Sapphire,FireRed or LeafGreen.

Where can you find a jurachi in Pokemon Diamond?

The only way to get Jirachi in Diamond Version is to import it through the Pal Park from either Ruby or Sapphire Version. In either Ruby or Sapphire, though, the only way to get Jirachi in the first place is to play either Pokemon Channel or Pokemon Colosseum and import it from there.

Where is jirachi pokem on diamond?

You can't get Jirachi on Diamond or Pearl you either have had to go to an event for Ruby or Sapphire or your gonna need to get Pokemon Channel.

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

Hay dudes i need i need to get a jirachi on Pokemon diamond how do you get the little fella?

migrate from Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald only

How do you get shiny jirachi?

A shiny Jirachi can be very rarely obtained from using the Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc repeatedly to find Shiny Jirachi. Once it is obtained, you can migrate it from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald to the Pal Park.

How do you get Jirachi on Pokemon Colosseum?

You'll need to receive Jirachi from the Bonus Disc to Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, then connect the Gameboy Advance to the Gamecube with Pokemon Colosseum playing. You can transfer Jirachi from one of the Hoenn games to Pokemon Colosseum using the link cable.

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon diamond without event?

go to a event for the ruby sapphire and emerald event. then transfer to game.

Where do you find a jirachi in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc, you can get Jirachi on ruby/sapphire/emeraldzperiodz Then you can trade Jirachi over to Leaf green/Fire red to do whatever you want with. ~M

In Pokemon ruby where do you find jirachi?

You can't get jirachi in ruby unless you receive it from the Pokemon colosseum bonus disc.

Who is better on Pokemon jirachi or deoxy's?

It depends on the person. Jirachi is in Hoenn. Which means Emerald,Ruby,Sapphire,Etc. Same with Deoxys. I like Jirachi more personally. But hey, it's you opinion.

How do you get jirachi on diamond?

sorry to disapoint you but there is no way you have to migrate it from your gba game i think on emerald Sapphire or ruby you can get it on Pokemon coloseum and Pokemon channel

How do you get jirachi on route 111 where the water is?

You cannot get Jirachi on Route 111 where the water is or anywhere in the game. To get Jirachi you need to transfer it to Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire from the Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disc.

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