How do you get kerosine out of carpets?

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Try the spray "Totally Awesome" it really is awesome and cleans just about anything.
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How do you get fingerpaint out of carpet?

Answer . Zippo lighter fluid works. Spray it on to a towel or something like that and dab it for a minute or so. Dont smoke while doing this lol.

How do you get gum out of carpet?

The most effective way is to freeze the gum with ice so that it ishard and no longer sticky, then chip or scrape it out. As long asthe gum is sticky any attempt to remove it will only spread it.

Is kerosine an aliphatic hydrocarbon or an aromatic hydrocarbon?

Kerosene/Kerosine . Kerosene or Kerosine is neither. It neither belongs under the Aliphatic or Aromatic branch of Organic chemistry. It's a different branch of Chemistry called Hydrocarbon Derivatives (which contain other organic compounds such as alcohol, ethers and amides). Kerosine fits und ( Full Answer )

How do you get stains out of carpets?

There are many ways to get stains out your carpet. There are lot of chemicals you can use and home remedies as well. When you just noticed a stain on your carpet or you just spilled something keep in mind that you can quickly remove the stain by simply blotting the spot and drying the sport from ( Full Answer )

How do you get nugget out of carpet?

Dip a clean white cloth in this solution and continue scrubbing the carpet . Rinse the shoe polish stain with a generous amount of warm tap water andblot dry.

How do you get poop out of carpet?

You can: 1: Pick it up with a bag 2: Put on a rubber glove, take some paper towel, take it out, put it in a bag, and put it in the garbage 3: Pick it up with paper towel and throw it in the garbage 4: Take the vaccum hose and hose it up (gross, I know.)

How do you get fleas out of a carpet?

You have to fumigate the house. Spray cans of fumigant areavailable at many hardware and pet stores; typically one can willdo about 500 square feet (read the label). Plan where you are goingto place each can, so that once you open it you need not go backinto that room. Get all the people and animals ( Full Answer )

How do you get slime out of carpet?

It would depend on what type of slime. You can try to scrub the slime manually with soap and use a wet vac... it might come out at the end, but the best thing to do is to call a professional carpet cleaning company.

How do you get hairspray out of carpet?

Remove Hair Spray by following these steps: . Sponge with Drycleaning Solvent . . Sponge with Dry Spotter . . Keep stain moist and blot occasionally with Absorbent Material . . Continue as long as stain is being removed. . Flush with Drycleaning Solvent . . Repeat above steps until ( Full Answer )

How do you get rust out of carpet?

First soak the area that has the rust stain with lemon juice for 10minutes. Then scrub the area with dish detergent and finally blotthe area with a paper towel.

How do you disinfect carpets?

You may even use a bleach and water solution if you do not have or have access to a carpet cleaner as mentioned and/or if you would like to disinfect on a weekly/monthly basis. . Answer . use a wet carpet mach, like rug doctor, or so, add a disinfecant to the water,

Can you burn kerosine in a farm tractor?

It can be done, but the tractor has to be built for it, and I don't really recommend trying it for all the hassle involved. I had a JD model "B" that was set up for it, so here's the routine: First, you start the tractor on the small gasoline tank and get the engine good and hot. Then, you move the ( Full Answer )

How do you get Flarp out of carpets?

Pour white vinegar on it to "dissolve" the Flarp gooey-ness. Then, the Flarp color may still remain (though very light). Pour rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) on the stain and press with light-colored towels or paper towels. That should help some of the color to come up. My daughter's bright pink ( Full Answer )

What is a carpet nail?

In the industry, a carpet nail could be one of three things. #1 A reference to the tacks that used to be used to hold down carpet on a wood floor prior to tackless strip ( the 1" wide pieces of wood with pins on it around your walls). Or #2 A nail to hold down those 1" pieces of wood. Or #3 One of t ( Full Answer )

How do you get stains out of a carpet?

wet the area with water sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the area and rub in and rinse with more water works a treat and its affordable

When was carpet invented?

I know shag carpet was popular in the 70's, but when was it invented or available? More specifically was it available in the 50's in Milwaukee Wisconsin?.

How do you get oil out of carpets?

Mix a large amount of Fairy washing up liquid with a little warm water and rub with a clean cloth. Sounds far too simple but worked on my carpet!!!

Why is a carpet called a carpet?

The term "carpet" derives from Old Italian carpita, "carpire"meaning to pluck.Sometimes the term "carpet" is usedinterchangeably with the term "rug". Only with the opening of traderoutes in the 17th century were significant numbers of Persian rugsintroduced to Western Europe. Historically the word w ( Full Answer )

How do you get playdoh out of carpet?

From the Hasbro website.... When attempting to remove PLAY-DOH compound do NOT use hot water orcleaning solutions of any kind. To remove PLAY-DOH compound from carpet or fabrics, allow it to drycompletely, and then loosen with a stiff brush. It may be necessaryto vacuum clean or wash with gentle so ( Full Answer )

How do get emulsion out of carpets?

If it is just a very small amount of emulsion on the surface of the carpet, mix a tbsp of white vingegar in water and rub into the stain: with patience this should rub out the stain. If the emulsion has sunk in and had gone solid: forget it......nothing will shift it , time to buy a new carpet!

Can you install carpet on top of carpet?

It is generally not a recommended procedure. The abrasion of carpet on carpet will cause both layers to wear prematurely. Certain types of glue down carpet can be installed over existing glue down carpet. Check the manufactures installation instructions. I do agree that installing stretch in carp ( Full Answer )

How do you describe carpet?

The most beautiful thing ever. Soft and comfortable, cushion to walk on. Shaggy, fluffy, smooth, elegant, more comfortable that hard floors.

What is a carpet?

Is a base material with fibres weaved or sewn into the base material such as hessian. This is then used to cover floors for warmth and style.

What does carpet do?

Carpet does a lot of different things. It is cheaper than most other floor surfaces, it is comfortable to use and walk on and it actually improves our air quality. That is why it is so popular. It's about attraction, warmth and insulation. Though, it's also how well the carpet is fitted that dete ( Full Answer )

Why kerosine oil burns with flames?

Due to high percentage of carbon the kerosene oil is not converted inti carbon dioxide and water on combustion but some quantity of the carbon is escaped as unburned particles which are responsible for smoke or its black colour. flame is due to emmition of light at slower rate.

Why is Kerosine safer than Gasoline?

as an accelerant, kerosene has a higher flash temperature than does gasoline, meaning it requires more energy to start burning. i.e. - bigger flame, or spark.

Why are carpets called carpets?

The word root for carpet actually seems to come from Indo-Europeankerp that meant to "pluck" or "gather." The word seems also to berelated to the Latin word for "carding wool", so the thinking isthat the original fabrics that were called carpets were made of theunravelled pieces of other woven cloth ( Full Answer )

Is kerosine polar or non -polar and why?

Kerosene is a non-polar molecule. This is because it has an evenlydistributed electric charge, whereas the electric charge of polarmolecules are not evenly distributed throughout the molecule.

What is the chemical formula for kerosine?

Kerosine (sometimes spelt kerosene) is a mixture of hydrocarbons that is a fraction from the fractional distillation of petroleum extracted between 150 and 200 0 C. See wikipedia -fractional distillation for a diagram of an industrial fractionating column

How do they make carpets?

Best way to get this is to go to and search: How Carpet Is Made There is a great video there

What is differense between kerosine and diesel?

They are similar, kerosene is better in cold weather and is addedto diesel to make the winter blends. Kerosene burns cleaner, butdiesel has more btu per gallon.

How invented carpet?

Woven, Wilton carpet was possible because a frenchman called Jacqard invented a system ( which was called the first type of computer ) which enabled a pattern to be woven upon a carpet loom. The factory in wilton only closed 10-20 years ago.

How do you stainguard a carpet?

Not a good DIY job, call the local reputable carpet cleaner & they have the chemicals & skills

What is the price of carpeting?

How much a foot for carpet Mark Twain said that "One foot on fire & one foot on ice & on AVERAGE your pretty comfortable" I share his view that average is a pretty illusionary tool when it comes to being really useful. There is no one price, & no one quality, could be junk for about a buck a sq ft ( Full Answer )

Is carpet shampoo hard on carpets?

Any carpet shampoo or carpet cleaning solution that is specifically designed for cleaning carpet should not be hard on carpet. Please know that different manufacturers and formulations may vary from a neutral of pH of 7 up to a very aggressive alkaline cleaner of pH 12.5. Too much alkalinity left ( Full Answer )

What color is your carpet?

brown, like sand... it reminds me of a beach, then i want to go put a bikini on and walk around. lmao

How do you get smoke out of carpet?

If it is cigarette smoke then use approximately 1/2 cup vinegar mixed with 3 cups water in a spray bottle and spray evenly over carpet. Wait until it is dry and check, then repeat if needed.

Which one fuel causes minimum pollution among diesel hydrogen coal and kerosine?

hydrogen A2: Coal is the fuel that produces the least pollution among the choices. Hydrogen would be the least polluting except for the reality that hydrogen is produced by burning coal to produce electricity to electrolyse water. Only if the electricity used to produce the hydrogen were produc ( Full Answer )

Can carpet steamer damage carpet?

A carpet steamer can damage carpet depending on what type of carpet it is. Man-made plastic-based fibers are most likely to be damaged. In most cases, a steamer will not harm carpet. However, if you are concerned, do a test cleaning in an inconspicuous spot.

Why do you store sodium in kerosine?

This is done to prevent the acces of oxygen and also humidity (water vapor) from air to sodium metal. If not then sodium will BURN (self ignition).

Is paint soluble in kerosine?

Depends on the kind of paint: oil based paint will dissolve in, or at least mix with kerosine, water based will not (e.g. alkyds)

Can kerosin dissolve salt?

Kerosene is a non polar solvent (or non ionic solvent) and cannot dissolve an ionic compound such as salt.

Is carpet a mineral?

no, carpet is not a mineral. Carpet is made from natural fibre orman made fibre

How can kerosine be separated from stew?

Kerosine (Kerosene or Paraffin as it is more commonly known) cannot be removed completely from stew, it's best throw the meal away.

How can you wash your carpet?

You can buy your own carpet cleaner from a store, or you can evenrent one. If cleaning it yourself is to big a task, there arecompanies that will do it for you.