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Toothpaste removes the stain.

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Q: How do you get kool aid stains off of skin?
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How do you clean Kool-Aid stain on your skin?

well that happend to me one day and i just tried soap and some water to wipe it off .

Is it possible to get high off of kool aid mix?

Yes, if you're Richardbeatz or B.N. Sprinkle.

How does kool-aid effect the growth of a plant?

I actually did a science fair project on the effects of kool-aid on a plant and as you would expect, the plant dies. But it doesnt immediately kill off the plant, it just sort of starts to sag

How do you drain fuel tank without taking it off?

By making some Kool Aid on a job well done.

What is the first aid treatment for polyurethane on the skin?

Wash it off.

How do you get the sticky feeling off your skin after pulling off a Band-Aid?

Apply a few drops of oil and rub gently. After that, wash it with soap.

How do you get colored clay stains off of skin?

soap and water or use dishwasher liquid detergent with water

How do you get rid of the stains on the skin?

If you are referring to paint stains, get them off with the thinner of the paint you've been using, then wash in warm soapy water and use a hand lotion after.

Where can you redeem Kool Aid proof of purchase?

i have like hundreds of points you mean to tell me i cannot redeem them at all now what what a rip off

How do you get hair dye off you skin?

Rubbing alcohol works, also Manic Panic has a product specifically for taking hair dye stains out of skin.

Will permanent marker stain on SKIN if you keep drawing on the same spot?

Hey Thanks for the question ... My answer is Yes, probably. The skin is delicate and dont try and stain it too much, or you could damage it, especially with lots of ink. Try and avoid permanent marker on skin!! --- P.S. If you DO get a permanent marker stain on your skin, you can get it off with a product called Amodex Ink and Stain Remover. Its best use is for stains on clothing (because those stains are much tougher), but it easily takes marker or other stains off skin. It's also non-toxic.

Is printer ink dangerous to the skin?

i dont think so, it takes a while to come off. it often stains clothes.

Does taking kool-aid packets with water help to pass a urine test for THC for work?

No, and I can't see how it would...maybe if you drank a serious amount of water with the kool-aid it would because of dilution; then again, if you do that you're going to throw off all your creatinine and enzyme numbers and you'll get nailed for adulteration.

How do you get boiled kool aid out of brunette hair?

To remove such object from the hair, is quite an easy procedure. First you must spray a moderate amount of vinegar on the hair and cover it with a shower cap. Do this for about 30 minutes. After that use the hair dryer and blow through the areas affected and watch the "boiled kool aid" if you will, drip off the brunette hair.

How do you get kool aid off your hands?

Any type of toothpaste will work yes i have tried it and my hands were really red just put it on there rub around and wash off boom bam bang your hands are clean :)

Removing salt stains off suede shoes?


How do you remove stains from wall paint?

What kind of stains? Magic Eraser takes off most stains.

How can you get old stains off flat paint on walls?

You can use a Magic Eraser to get stains off of flat paint on walls.

How long does it take for silver nitrate to come off skin?

One week to up to a month depending in how long it was on the skin and the concentration. One solution that help to remove the stains is washing the area with saltwater.

How do you clean hair dye stains off the skin?

you can use soft scrub that you use to clean a bath tube with then you have to scrub it but when your done put on some lotion so it doesn't make your skin dry

I want to dye a strip of my hair a color like purple or something i tried using kool aid and that didnt work what else can i try to do it at home?

You can buy some hair coloring at walmart. When you used kool aid you may have used it wrong and if you have dark hair it won't work as well. Here's how to use kool aide:Put on gloves. Don't worry if you don't though, you can still remove the Kool-Aid from your skin.Apply some petroleum jelly to your skin all around your head. This will make the color wash off more easily when you're done. Use a lot on your ears!Add the Kool-Aid to a small bowl. Use unsweetened, to avoid sticky hair. Don't use the artificially sweetened kind either, as the chemicals could bother your eyes. In this example, three packages of Tropical Punch are used for a reddish tint. You may need to use more packages, depending on the length of your hair, and how deep you want the color. This is a very messy process. (Blue is best made by combining blue raspberry flavor with a little grape.)Add just a few drops of water to the Kool-Aid. You want a paste, not a liquid.Add a few drops of conditioner to make the color from the Kool-Aid permeate the hair a little more evenly. It also helps make a paste.Mix the packages of Kool-Aid(how many depends on the length of your hair), the water, and the conditioner, until you get a smooth paste. All the lumps have to be completely goneWork the paste into the hair.You need help for this. Try to massage it into the hair, and not the scalp.*If you're doing tips or highlights, use a highlighting wand and wrap the dyed sections in tin foilWrap the hair in several long strips of sandwich wrap.You'll have to sleep in it, so do a good job! Or leave it in for six to eight hoursSecure it carefully with tape. This isn't just to protect the furniture, or to keep the dog from licking your head. It's to keep the moisture in, and the dye acting longer.After a good night's sleep, remove the plastic wrap.Don't be dismayed by the gruesome colours on your skin ... everything washes off! See How to Remove Kool-Aid from SkinThoroughly wash your hair, apply conditioner, and wash again. Then comb it out and wait for it to dry. The final tint will be less obvious with wet hair.Hope this help:)

How do you get stains off suede?


Why is soap good for removing oily food stains?

because there is oil on your skin right? so the soap when you rub it on the shirt the oil is rinsed off by the water

How do you get stain off of skin?

Try Amodex Ink and Stain Remover (or a very similar product from the same company, Amodex Spot Remover). While it focuses on removing ink and other tough stains from clothing, it was actually originally a skin cleaner (apparently the company got its name from Latin, "amo" for love and "dex" for hands). I've used it for all kinds of stains on skin, including nasty greases and marker stains, and the Amodex basically lifts the stain right off. Just pour a little on the stain, rub it in for a moment, and then wipe or wash off. The products are also non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about any health issues from its use.

How do you get stains off bathroom cabinets?