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In New York State, a doctor can not refuse to provide medical records. The doctor is allowed to charge up to 75 cents per page for same. Failure to comply is reportable to the board of medicine. Contact your state's board of medicine to determine what the laws are in your state.

A little more...Under federal law (specifically HIPAA), there are very few legals reason for a doctor to refuse releasing your own medical records to you, with the main exception being any psychotherapy notes as made during the course of licensed psychotherapy (you can't just say it's psyche notes). Federal Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) handles the initial complaint. You can file a HIPAA complaint on the web at their site. And eventually the complaint may wind up at the OCR -- Office of Civil Rights, which handles enforcement.

HIPAA does not specify a rate per page, but says that, if the records are to be released to YOU, the doctor may assess a charge to offset expenses, but it can't be so high as to provide a barrier to you obtaining your records. Your doctor must release records to another doctor handling your health care at no cost to you.

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Q: How do you get medical records if doctor refuses?
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Who is the doctor that keeps the medical records?

Every doctor maintains his or her patients' medical records.

Who owns medical records?

Legally, medical records are owned by the employer of the doctor who compiles them.

Are medical records confidential after a Doctor files bankruptcy?

Medical records belong to the patient, not the doctor and remain confidential regardless of the doctor's financial condition.

Can your employer check with your doctor on your medical health?

doctor/patient confidentiallity does NOT permit a doctor from revealing your medical records to anyone but you

Where do medical records go after a doctor dies?

To his replacment.

Who owns a patient's medical records?

The doctor and the patient.

Who impacts medical records?

The doctor is the person who is mainly in charge of writing the records. But, most importantly, YOU are in charge of your medical records, since you are the subject.

What if your doctors sends your husband your medical records?

Your doctor should never hand out your medical records to anyone including your husband, this is a serious breach of confidentiality between doctor and patient.

Are you legally entitled to a copy of your medical records?

Yes, you are legally entitled to a copy of your medical records. This has just a few exceptions including if the doctor feels that looking at your medical records might cause you to harm yourself. If this is the reason he or she will not release the records, the doctor must state clearly the reasoning.

How does a patient access his or her own medical records?

Submit a signed, written request to the doctor, hospital, etc. for your medical records. They are required to let you have copies of your medical records, but they may charge a fee.

Your doctor retired and you need your medical records transferred Is it legal for the previous medical group to charge to transfer records to your new doctor?

If the records are requested by your new Medical office, they should not charge you for them.. If you are picking them up.. normally they charge a fee and something like one dollar per page. If you can, have your new Doctor request the records. They should not charge for that.

Can a person legally ask their doctor for copies of their own medical records for their own use?

yes, you have a right to copies of all your medical records.

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