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find them Dumbo

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Q: How do you get mini kits on Lego Batman?
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How do you unlock the last two characters in cheats on Lego batman in cheats?

i think first all mini-kits then all power brick, or after you get everything then check

What is the most rare LEGO mini figure?

i think its the lego batman from the lego set 7783

What is Lego Batman villain hunt?

it is a mini game

How do you get vehicles on LEGO batman ds?

You cannot buy your own vehicles in Lego Batman, however you can use vehicles in mini games.

Is travelers tales making new Lego video games?

There is a rumor that Tt games, (aka Travelers Tales) is in the making of "Lego Spider-man The Video Game" To follow the video games: Lego Batman The game, Lego Indiana Jones The Game, and the award winning Lego Star Wars series. Why do people think Lego Spider-man is the next Lego video game? Because The Lego spider-man mini-figures and kits were very popular, as was the Lego Batman, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars mini-figures/kits were. I'd think Lego spider-man would be pretty fun, as I thought the original Lego Spider-man mini-figures/kits were, I also loved the Lego video game that stated it all, Lego Star Wars. But all the Lego video games following it were fun too. But you know what would be funner than Lego Spider-man? Lego Star Wars BATTLEFRONT, heh heh,Star Wars BATTLEFRONT is a fun game itself, but adding Lego to it would make it funner.

Why are Lego batman mini figures so much money?

Many people think that Lego Minifigures are rare but they are certanly not!

How do you get the mini-kits on a daring rescue?

To get the mini-kits in "A Daring Rescue" level in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you need to explore the different areas of the level thoroughly and interact with objects to uncover hidden collectibles. Look for glowing LEGO pieces or puzzle elements that need to be solved to reveal the mini-kits. Using characters with special abilities may also help in accessing certain areas and obtaining the mini-kits.

How do you unlock agent chase on Lego battles?

You have to collet all the mini kits in The Alien Story.

How do you get mini kit in Lego Star Wars droid factory?

try to find any secret door, and use the characters you have to get the mini kits

How do you find all of the mini kits in Lego star wars2 for the game boy?

You buy a minikit detector

What do you win when you find all the mini kits in Lego Star Wars?

There are ten mini kits on each level. When you collect all ten you receive a gold brick. When you collect all the gold bricks, you have completed the game.

Which ship do you unlock if you collect all the mini kits in Lego Star Wars?

There are ten mini kits on each level. If you collect all ten, then you can build a ship with them. You can build a different ship which each collection of ten.