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Try nail polish remover. But first be sure that you can use it on your tub. You may have to get acetone free.

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Q: How do you get nail polish stains off a bathtub?
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How do you remove nail polish stains from sofa?

you lick it off.

How do you get nail polish off cloths?

You can't be because it stains it.

I spilled nail polish in my acrylic bathtub Will polish remover with acetone hurt the surface of the tub?

if the bathtub is painted i think that acitone will take off the paint! tyy nail polish remover

How can you get nail polish stains off walls?

dno but try nail varnish remover xox ;]]

How do you get nail polish stains out of plastic?

Using an acetone based nail polish remover and a cotton ball, cloth, or paper towel, blot the stain with the nail polish remover and let set for a minute, then scrub off.

What help nail polish get off beside finger nail polish?

Poop help nail polish get off.

How do you get nail polish off rocks?

You can get nail polish off of rocks with nail polish remover. Don't ask how I know that.

How do you get nail polish off of skin?

Nail polish remover

How do you get nail polish off a computer?

nail polish remover.

How is cheap nail polish different from the one that costs more?

cheap nail polish wears off within 2 days, moreover it leaves stains on your nails which remover cannot handle

How do you get nail polish off jeans?

Nail polish remover takes the polish off your nails, doesn't it? It will work on most nail polish stains, whether on clothing or furniture. Apply the nail polish remover to the stain and then lightly blot the stain. Apply detergent and warm water to make sure that you have removed the stain completely and then wash as usual with your detergent. You may have to apply the nail polish remover and blot several times to remove all of the nail polish stain. Do not give up!

How do you get your nail polish to come off?

Nail polish remover will clean it right off.

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