How do you get over bad memories of being abused?


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It is very important to talk to a therapist or a school counselor if you are still in school. Feelings are very hard to overcome - especially bad feelings that won't go away. Talking to a professional can help. Please know that you are a victim and you can move forward in life. The abuse does not define who you are - only you can. You can learn to manage feelings of anger, sadness, can learn to remember the memories less. There is ALWAYS hope and a way to move in the right direction. Believe in yourself and the power you have inside you to overcome the abuse. Good luck....

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AnswerNew bad memories replace old ones, so then the old ones are still there but don't hurt as much.AnswerI think that facing the memories is what you need to do. Do not be affected by them anymore. Take them head to head. Believe in yourself and the future, and don't try to bury your old memories. That wont solve anything, it will only cause resentment. If there is anger there too, then remember that the best sort of revenge is success. Succeed in everything you, despite everything and against the odds.Answer:Replace the bad memories with good memories. Also, when you think of bad memories, force yourself to think of good memories. You do have control over your thoughts. Practice turning your mind in another direction and eventually the bad memories will come less and less often.AnswerMy Dad always said sometimes work can work off bad memories. Answer:i heard from my grandad is to lie down sleep think of those memories and while they're running replace the thing that hurts to something/someone you truly love, however it doesn't always work, i believe that discarding the memories is a harder task than what it appears to be, the best conclusion is to forget them in the dream world (the subconsious) world, not easy to do, although getting rid of memories that upset us is a run head on, it would also solve many problems, all i can say is Good LuckAnswer ;Honestly I think that if you want to get rid of bad memories,you have to get rid of all the stuff that it reminds you off (e.g clothes,photos) and start everything again.Move On,Don't Repeat The Same Mistakes and Forget The Past.And Try writing a bad memorie on the paper and burning the paper , it helped few people,maybe it will help you two . BUT BE CAREFUL !

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