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How do you get over regret?

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There is no cure to regret. The only way to get over it is to firmly place the regrettable event in your mind so that when you find yourself in a simialr situation that you act in a manner that you will not regret. When you realize that you have learned from your mistakes and matured enough to be strong and honest and fair on the midst of difficult situations. No one knows how they will react in a given situation until they are right there face to face with a potential dilema of conscience. The safest action is the one you would do if your grandmother were there watching you. WCF We learn from our failures not our successes.

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Regret over cheating on a soul mate?

Yes you will have regret if you cheat on your soul mate! I cheated on my soul mate once and a few minutes later I felt horrible!!! Surprisingly they took me back I'm still with them today i did it too. and truthfully it is my worst regret. ever. I'm not sure how you get over it but he took me back which i should be happy about. Regret heals over time and if you firm with yourself- telling yourself its over and one with- then you should get over .

What does ashamed mean?

It is when a person feels regret and embarrassment over their actions.

What is the meaning of Angelina grimke poem The Eyes of your Regret?

The meaning of Angelina Grimke's poem, The Eyes of Your Regret, is that life is the same over and over. The author experiences misery every day by traveling the same route.

What should you do if you have deleted your ex boyfriend on facebook but now you regret it?

get the hell over it

What does bemoaned mean?

It means to express grief over; lament or to express disapproval of or regret for.

Did Michael Jackson regret becoming white?

You can't regret something you have no control over, that's like asking someone with diabetes if they regret getting it. He had vitiligo which probably made him very self conscious and unhappy at times, it's something he couldn't stop from happening to him.

What is the antonym for 'regret'?

contentment! is the right answer!

What do you regret most in your life?

Nothing. If regret my life then I would regret how I have lived. Life is what it is and we do the best we can.

What is contrast between sorry and apologize?

Sorry is an expression of regret or sorrow at a loss over something done while an apology refers to a written formal letter expressing your regret at a mistake done.

What is the Hebrew word for regret?

Regret - 'Charata (חרטה)

What is the adverb form of regret?

Regretfully. Filled with regret.

What is regret in Tagalog?

Tagalog Translation of REGRET: hinayang

What is the ABBA song Mamma Mia about?

The theme is regret over a lost love, one that was worth holding on to.

Do teens regret becoming teen moms?

Depending on the person. They may not regret being a teen mom, they just regret the move they made. A child should never be a regret.

What are synonyms of 'regret'?

AnswerrueAnswerrue, ruefulness, sorrow

What is the past tense of regret?

The past form of Regret is Regretted.

What is the English-to-Latin translation of regret?

Dolere = to regret.

How do you start a regret letter?

Dear______, I regret my decision to_______________

Can you give me a sentence using the word regret?

I regret that I am 44.

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We regret for the inconvenience caused to you. which of these 2 sentences correct?

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

How do you spell the word 'regret' in German?

"Bedauern" is the German word for "regret". much to my regret > sehr zu meinem Bedauern. Also "Bereuen" You will regret that > Das werden Sie Bereuen. The choice is dependent on the intended meaning of the sentence.

If your shy what do you say to the person you love i love you?

Get over yourself and say I love you. If you don't, you'll regret it later.

You regret for not having checked that Is that a grammatically correct statement?

No. You can say "I regret not having checked that," or "You regret not having checked that." The word "for" is unnecessary.

If you had to choose something that you regret what would it be and why?

WikiAnswers cannot read your mind to know what you regret - you'll have to answer the question honestly and tell them what you regret and why.

Can a woman be angry because you did not ask a straight question by text she then tells you to stop texting but could she regret telling you to stop at a later date?

She may get angry at the indirect question but she will regret the fact that she told you not to text. She will sooner or later ask you to please text and you must not. this is how you get her to regret getting mad over such a silly matter.