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How do you get paint off laminate floors?

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Try to use some organic solution like gasoline to wipe paint off laminate flooring.

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No, laminate floors should NEVER be waxed.

I want to build some new laminate floors for the kitchen and what tools do I need to build laminate floors?

Laminate floors can be damaged by abrasion: scuffs, scratches and scrapes.

A microfiber mop achieves the best cleaning results on laminate floors

You can laminate anything you want.

Neither . Laminate floors click together and are supposed to move on a foam surface.

Yes, urine stains do come out of hardwood laminate floors. With a good cleaning, you should be able to remove anything out of laminate floors. That's why is there so widely used.

Use a knife and scrape it off

You cannot paint laminate. Without a porous surface, the paint has nothing to bond to.

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take the doors off and then install them after floor in down

the product Goof Off is supposed to work well on dried paint. be warned, the fumes are terrible

You shouldn't use any wet products on laminate floors.

To remove paint from wood floors you can use a blow dryer to heat the paint. Next get a rubber scraper to scrape the paint off. Continue alternating between the scraper and the dryer until all of the paint is removed.

You shouldn't use wet products on laminate floors. A dry mop such as a swiffer duster will do the trick. There are products on the market that are excellent for cleaning laminated floors. They contain a cleaner that leaves the floors clean and like new.

wd40 removes sticky tape residue from laminate floors

The melamine and aluminum oxide wont let the finish stay long term and it wont look good in the short term either.

Try WD 40 and a nylon sink sponge. Start lightly, not much good in removing the paint and scratching the floor. Some laminate will take this abuse some won't.

highly NOT recommended to steam clean any wood or laminate floors

Yes, Wilsonart Laminate floors are available in the United Kingdom. There is a website just for United Kingdom users. They provide good decorative surfacing products.

Bruce laminate floors are used for covering floors in bathrooms, kitchens and concrete areas. Flooring is extremely durable. Kits are available to clean and keep its luster.

Razor blade cautiously not to scratch, then use Mineral Spirits wipe off excess.

Yes - paint overspray can be romoved from laminate floor: You will need the 'White" least agressive scotchbrite or a Mr. Clean eraser, use in conjunction with a good quality paint thinner, a light touch and patience. It's important to remember there is a factory finish on all laminate floors so try a small sample area first. lightly scrub with the grain and lay of the floor and make several light passes.