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You play a song on a Flute that puts Cerberus to sleep.

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2012-03-17 18:30:29
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Q: How do you get pass Cerberus in poptropica?
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Where is Cerberus on Poptropica Mytholgy island?

You can find Cerberus in Hades' layer. Right after you pass the River Styx. :)

Who is Cerberus in Poptropica?

the cerberus is a 3 headed dog on mythology island on poptropica

Where is the whisker from Cerberus on poptropica?

on cerberus's face

Where do you find Cerberus in poptropica?

he is in the under world

How do you play the music to the Cerberus in poptropica?

go to Apollo's temple and talk to the statue with the reed pipe and pass the test then you have the tune to put cerebus asleep

Where do you find cerberus on Poptropica?

In the Underworld after crossing the river of dead.

How do you fight a 3 headed dog named Cerberus in Poptropica?

In Poptropica, you don't fight Cerberus (the three headed dog). You play a tune on your pipes to make him fall asleep.

Where is the three headed dog on poptropica?

If you mean Cerberus, he is in Hades' Realm after you pass the River Sytx. Play the tune: Blue, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green on your reed pipe and he will fall asleep. Then, you can collect the Sacred Item: Whisker From Cerberus.

What room is Cerberus in on poptropica?

he isn't in a room. he is near river styx

How do you deafeat Cerberus on poptropica?

Play the song one of the Muses gave you on your reed pipe. This will make Cerberus fall asleep and you can get its whiskers.

Where is Cerberus on mythology island in poptropica?

You just have to get into the Underworld, get past the River Styx, then put cerberus to sleep with your pipe, and grab a whisker (which is needed) from it.

How do you get Cerberus's whisker in poptropica?

You play him the song you learned earlier on the reed pipe.

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