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How do you get past the wailmer in emerald?

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Where can you get wailmer in emerald?

you can get wailmer everywhere in the water on emerald

What does the wailmer pail do in emerald?

Wailmer pail waters the plantes

How to get a wailmer in emerald?

You can get Wailmer anywhere on the sea with a super rod.

What level will wailmer evolve in emerald?

Wailmer will evolve at level 40.

How do you get past the Pokemon in the way to the 7th gim on Pokemon emerald?

go to the hideout, the opening in that cave north of the wailmer

Where can you catch a wailmer in emerald?

You can find wailmer with a super rod and maybe by surfing.

What level does wailmer evolve in pokemon emerald?

Wailmer evolves into Wailord at level 40.

When does wailmer evole?

wailmer evolves at level 40. im least in emerald it does.

Can you find wailmer in the grass in emerald?

No, Wailmer can only be found on water routes by fishing or surfing.

Where do you find wailmer in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to find it in the cave

What is the best way to catch a wailmer in emerald?

with a seaball

Pokemon emerald how to get rid of the wailmer?

u release it

How do you grow berries faster in emerald?

water it with wailmer pail

Wailord in Pokemon emerald?

Evolve a Wailmer (Level 40)

Can you catch wailmer by surfing in Pokemon emerald?

Yes, you can. Though it's much easier and faster to catch a Wailmer by fishing.

How do you past the funky tree in the battle zone in Pokemon emerald?

you need to use the wailmer pail on it. it will not like that and it will then attack you. it is the Pokemon Sudowoodo. which means you can also catch it.

In emerald how do you catch wailord?

It evolves from a Wailmer near level 40.

Where I can find the wailmer in Pokemon emerald?

surf nere the sky tower

How do you get past the wailmer on Pokemon emerald?

I had trouble with this too. You need to get the magma emblem from Mt. Pyre, then go to Mt. Chimney down the side, and a hole will open up. This is team magma's base. Infiltrate it then go back and the wailmer will be gone. Hope that helped!

How do you get squirt bottle in emerald?

You cannot get a squirt bottle in Pokemon Emerald. Use your Wailmer Pail on Sudowoodo to fight him.

How do you get waillord in pokemon emerald?

You must evolve wailmer/surf and find one on route 129. There are few there. Wailmer will evolve at level 40.

Can you use blue shard on Pokemon emerald to evolve wailmer?

No , wailmer evolve only by leveling it up it evolve at level 40 i think

Where is wailmer located in Pokemon Emerald?

You can find Wailmer in the sea using the super rod in Sailport city, route 110, 127, 105 , Lilycove, Mossdeep, and elsewhere. These are the places I've found Wailmer.

Where do you catch Wailmer in Pokemon?

You can capture wailmer in ruby, sapphire and emerald on most routes where water is you can find either by using a rod or by using surf.

Where is the best place to catch a wailmer in Pokemon emerald emerld?

outside of that place where steven lives, wherever that is, wailmer island or something mossdeep city?