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Unlock all the other trophies, then you will get the platinum.

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Q: How do you get platinum trophy on uncharted 2?
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How do you earn a platinum trophy in uncharted 2?

You must obtain all the other trophies. Excluding the trophies obtained from the DLC Multi player map pack

Is it hard getting Uncharted 2 Platinum?

It's not that hard it only take some time.

What is the oldest trophy game?

Most probably Uncharted: Among Theives

Which is better uncharted 3 or uncharted 2?

Story uncharted 3 Online uncharted 2

Where is Pickachu in Pokemon Platinum?

The Pickachu in Pokemone Platinum is in the Trophy Garden.

Uncharted 2 real?

Uncharted 2 is real its called Uncharted 2:Among Thieves

Do the new epilogue trophies in prince of Persia affect the platinum trophy so will i have to get those to keep or get the platinum?

If you already have a platinum trophy for the game, then you will get to keep your platinum trophy once the new trophies are added, you wont, however; have 100% completion anymore, for that you'll have to get all the new trophies.

Assassins creed 2 or uncharted 2?


How do you get a platinum trophy on the PS3?

By completing every other trophy in a game that supports trophies.

Where is Pichu on Pokemon platinum?

trophy garden

In platinum were can you see dito?

trophy garden

Where to get diddo on Pokemon platinum?

in the trophy garden