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well you have to be at least two months old and u have to be really high in all ur ranks like hunting and combat and other stuff blah blah blah.............................................................................................................................................ANYWAYS YOU PPL ARE CRAZY IF U LIKE THAT WEBSITE U SHOULD PLAY POOPIEISFUN.COM hehe srry that was my lil sis JK IT WAS ME HADEDIHA

By spacedoutneko:

First, it depends on your rank, you have to be the alpha from wha I've learned so far. Then it depends on what region you are in and supposedly the other alpha will automatically come to you and mate. {I got this from the page on Wikipedia, but it sounds right.}

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Q: How do you get pups on Wolf by sanctuary woods?
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When do wolf pups learn to howl?

When they are first able to communicate with the other Wolf pups.

When was Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary created?

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary was created in 1991.

What do wolf pups weigh at birth?

Wolf pups weigh only 1 lb at birth.

How many cubs can a wolf get?

The average wolf litter is 5 or 6 pups, the largest wolf litter on record is 17 pups.

Which Eskimo tribe eats wolf pups?

The Eskimo tribe that eats wolf pups is the Inuit tribe.

How many pups does a Arctic wolf has?

They have 5 to 6 pups.

Are wolf pups dangerous?

No they are not

What animals pose a threat to wolf pups?

two animals that pose a threat to wolf pups are hyenas and tigers

How many pups does the gray wolf have each year?

6 pups

How do wolf pups hunt?

wolf pups between 4-5 weeks old hunt about squirrels and sometimes bunnies.

When do wolf pups stop nursing?

At around three weeks, the mother wolf starts encouraging the pups to eat meat.

How many babies can a mother wolf have?

The pups are usually born in summer. Normally the female wolf can have 5-6 pups.

What happens when a wolf has pups and her mate dies?

What happens is that the female wolf just carried on with her life and help her pups to survive.

How does a grey wolf take care of its pups?

A grey wolf stays with its pups until it is old enough to hunt, while the pups are still helpless the grey wolf will feed them with half-digested food from its belly-basket

What is a simile of the word woods?

An animals sanctuary

How many babies does wolf have?

A wolf tends to have 2-4 pups per litter, but can be as large as 6-7. A female wolf can have up to 30 pups in her lifetime.

Can you have pups in Wolf quest?

Not yet!

Can wolf pups swim when they are born?


How old are the wolf pups?


What is a young wolf or hound called?

Wolf young may be called whelps, cubs, or pups. Hound young are called pups.

What time of year does a wolf mate and have pups?

it depends on the breed of wolf

How many pups can a female wolf have at a time?

It depends on the type of Wolf.A gray wolf can have up to 14 pup's at a time, though they usually have 4-6.A red wolf will only have 2-3 pups in a litter typically.An Arctic Wolf will normally give birth to 4-5 pups each litter.The prairie wolf, also known as Coyote, generally have larger litters. These can be from one pup to 19 pups per litter. The average litter size is nearer 6 pups

What does it take to open a wolf sanctuary?


Who cares for wolf pups?

Wolf pups are cared for by all members of the pack. Some watch the pups while everyone else goes hunting, the mother nurses them, some play with them, some clean them, and some teach them how to hunt. All members of the pack play a role in raising wolf pups.

How many pups does a mother wolf give birth to in her life?

Up to 150 pups