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How do you get rare berries in Pokemon?


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you can visit the berry master or go to the amity square in heart home city or go to pastoria city a the last house and enter it you will see a lady talk to her and she will give you a rare berry do this each day to get rare berries.


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Yes, there is a lot of rare berries, just talk to peuple and there will be some who will give you one! Try pastoria city, there is a lady there who gives you rare berries!

Rare candies can be obtained by having a Pokemon that has the ability pickup randomly they will find an item ranging from berries, potions, items you can sell and rare candies.

Nope .. they are fruits for an example kelpse berries they are like fruits. some are soft, sour and few more.(oh and there are Super Rare Rare Rare berries if you wanna find it is your pal :)anyway who ask this question?from:Rayquaza (not a member)Pokemon Sapphire expert

go to the berriey master near mauville city

A Rare berries And some other stuff that you can use in Pokemon contest but to get the item you must have a cute Pokemon to enter

Liberty, the moshling on Moshi Monsters (a online game) is NOT a Ultra Rare but a Rare moshling, You can get her with: Red Love Berries, Black Love Berries and Any Love Berries.

Unfortunatley it is like emerald no you will not gain exp by battling in the battle frontier however you can get rare items and berries

you can only get berries via the pokemon dream world

get some berries that levels up beauty then after you kept giving it to feebas then it will evolve but to make it evolve after giving alot of beauty berries you can either use rare candies or fight wild Pokemon with feebas. ------------------------------------------------------------------- LOL Beauty Berries. Here: tobyunkown ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lum Berries, Pinap Berries, Ragost Berries, Starff Berries, Rare Candy!

Either get them from the hoenn berry masters ( found in Lilycove, and two other cities/towns/ routes, or search for them. Rare berries are only obtained from the berry masters. You can also get berries from the people at the flower shop on route 104.

To get maximum beauty you have to feed the Pokemon either lv.20+ poffins made from wiki berries, or poffins made from pamtre berries. If you're trying to evolve feebas - which I'm guessing you are - you don't have to completely maximize it but get very close. Pamtre berries can only be found by strolling around in Amity square (with any Pokemon), and even so they are rare.

It's practically just food for Pokemon that you can make using berries. You can mix the various berries in a Pokemon center.

Regular BERRIES. (Oran Berries in HeartGold).

mostly berries but they can also pick up rare candy pp up and very rarely a nugget

you look on the ground There are many different ways to get rare candies on firered, First of all there are rare candies in caves, and are hidden all around the kanto region. Second of all if you have a Pokemon with the ability pickup like linoone and its over level 70 it can randomly find items for you and sometimes it can be rare candy or even rare berries such as watmel berry. Third of all if you can't seem to get rare candies by doing any one of these you can have someone trade you a Pokemon holding a rare candy then just take it from the Pokemon and you got some rare candies.

Well EveryThing That David Said Was, On The Dot But The Is Also Another Way, To Obtain Rare Candies... It's By Making Them All You Need is Heaps Of Berries And A Shuckle (Pokemon) Give A Berry To The Shuckle And After A While It Will Hold Berry Juice, But keep It There For A While Longer And It Will Make A Rare Candy

you cannot catch wild rare Pokemon in xd but you can catch the trainers rare Pokemon, if they are "inpure"

No, you can't buy berries in Pokémon Diamond.

A Pokemon likes berries based on natures, not species.

rotom is a rare Pokemon but not legendary

If the Pokemon is extremely uncommon, then it is rare.

There is no official name for the phobia of berries, because it is too rare to be credited with an official clinical name.

Rare Pokemon? I suppose, Ledgendarys are rare, Palkia. Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf. Altaria are kinda rare, Garchomp are rare. -Hope I helped

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