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after you kill one, press "O" on it's remains to "carve" it.

you can carve it twice but most monster you can carve once only.

boss monsters you can carve more than twice when you kill it.

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Q: How do you get raw meat for a aptonoth in monster hunter freedom?
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How do you get monster bone in monster hunter freedom 2?

you can get it in the jungle map number.5 there will be a large monster only need to hit about 4 to 5 hit if you using bone katana or iron katana and when you killed it you will need to press(circle) and some time you are lucky you will get monster bones or raw meat!

Where do you get the hot meal on monster hunter freedom unite?

There is no such thing called hot meal unless you mean hot MEAT. You don't get it you combine it, Well Done Steak and hot pepper. Was that the answer you were looking for?

How do you use the bait in monster hunter tri?

bait as in the meat? you place it down when the monster is not looking at you or you place it in an area where it would go next

How do you useportable spit monster hunter freedom unite?

u need raw meat or a sushifish or a fish you can cook go to portable spit in ur inventory and press square. wen the music stops wait about 2 and a half seconds then press X for a well done steak

In Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is there a felyne comrade If there is. how do you get them?

You can't get felynes to fight with you on by buying or paying them. There are black and white felynes in all of the maps. The black ones steal your supplies, and the white ones don't do anything unless provoked. When provoked, they will throw damaging bombs at the person who prvoked them. What you can do, is lure the white felynes to the area where the monster is and if the monster attacks the felynes, they will throw bombs at it. You lure them by either provoking them and making them follow you, or by dropping special meat in the felyne area, and they will come after you/monster.

How do you get meat on Doodle God 2?

Either hunter and beast or hunter and domestic animal

What is monster hunter rated?

T for alcohal reference, violence, and animated blood. But if your looking to buy for a child it is fine. You can turn off the blood and the only alcohal reference is when you eat the right food (blesed wine and some meat or something) which is where it doesnt even show you drinking just walking wobly after you drink it. The violence is of course monster fighting.

How do you get food in doodle god?

hunter + beast = Meat

What did the hunter gatherers eat?

they ate looooots of meat

Do hunter kill white tigers for meat?


Are white tigers a hunter or gatherer?

As a carnivore that eats its prey when caught, it is a hunter.

What does the lochness monster eat?

meat ( like fish )