How do you get red hair in dynasty warriors 6?

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In the Battle Of Guan Du, choose to be in the Wei Forces on Easy difficulty

Get 2 Level 50 characters with Lady Luck ability, and both have mounts that have the FIND SADDLE ABILITY

Complete Target 2: Do not allow Guan Gu West Gate or Guan Du East Gate to be


Complete Target 3: Yan Jin Fort and Bai Ma Fort do not fall

Pick up saddle from Crate/Saddle Box, then kill Yuan Shao, which will probably finish the game.

Guide to Unlocking the horse: Once you have done the time trick and selected

your characters, you must (with yoursecond character) run over and jump down

the cliff to get the saddle, you must then run round to yuan shao's main camp,

where you must quickly, kill him. after the level has been completed, you will

get a horse called ginger striker, save it, and repeat the whole process

so reset the time to 00:01 and then do the exact same as last time, the horse

your looking for is called Ultimate Dream, so save that in what ever slot you

want, and once it levels up to level 5, it will look exactly like Red


the Horse is called ULTIMATE DREAM