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First of all DO NOT start a fire in the fireplace to drive the bees out. The bees could have damaged the lining of the fireplace creating a home fire hazard or created a nest that is blocking the flue and this will back smoke up into the house.

Step 1. Install a chimney balloon or inflatable damper at the bottom of the fireplace to seal the fireplace tight and prevent the bees from gaining entry to the home. Don't trust your damper to stop them since it is likely that your damper does not have a tight enough seal to keep mad and determined bees out of your home.

Step 2. Use a bug fogger spray bomb to kill the bees in the chimney if the hive is not visible from the chimney top. If it is visible than you can use a direct spray insecticide to kill the bees. keep your distance from the hive on this step and have an escape route ready.

Step 3. Have a certified chimney sweep come and clean your chimney so the bees do not return to a hive and to make sure the bees did no structural damage to the chimney. This is very important since the hive can be a fire hazard and MUST be removed.

Insecticides that can legally be sprayed into a fireplace are hard to come by. Read the label. You may find that no insecticide for this purpose is legally available.

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Q: How do you get rid of a bee hive in the chimney of a fireplace?
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