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First of all DO NOT start a fire in the fireplace to drive the bees out. The bees could have damaged the lining of the fireplace creating a home fire hazard or created a nest that is blocking the flue and this will back smoke up into the house.

Step 1. Install a chimney balloon or inflatable damper at the bottom of the fireplace to seal the fireplace tight and prevent the bees from gaining entry to the home. Don't trust your damper to stop them since it is likely that your damper does not have a tight enough seal to keep mad and determined bees out of your home.

Step 2. Use a bug fogger spray bomb to kill the bees in the chimney if the hive is not visible from the chimney top. If it is visible than you can use a direct spray insecticide to kill the bees. keep your distance from the hive on this step and have an escape route ready.

Step 3. Have a certified chimney sweep come and clean your chimney so the bees do not return to a hive and to make sure the bees did no structural damage to the chimney. This is very important since the hive can be a fire hazard and MUST be removed.

Insecticides that can legally be sprayed into a fireplace are hard to come by. Read the label. You may find that no insecticide for this purpose is legally available.

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Q: How do you get rid of a bee hive in the chimney of a fireplace?
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How do you get rid of a hive of bees in an unused chimney?

Simple ''USE'' the chimney. :)

How do you get rid of bee hive?

Ask a beekeeper to collect it.

Will water get rid of a honey bee hive?


Will moth balls get rid of a bee hive?

Yes moth balls are a proven way of deterring bees. Hang a few moth balls in a nylon stocking near the bee hive in order to get rid of them.

How do you get rid of a bee hive in a file cabinet?

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How can you get rid of bees around your shed if you don't want to hire someone?

i heard a thing about vinegar in a bowl that my help Answer for bee hive You need to locate the bee hive and destroy it at night when the bees will all be in the hive. I would call a professional if it is a large hive.

How can you get rid of wasps coming in through fireplace?

You could try lighting a fire in the fireplace? otherwise, buy a screened chimney cap for the top of the stack.

How do you get rid of a bee hive under a deck?

The best way to get rid of bee hives under a deck or anywhere is to spray the whole hive and area with dish soap or laundry detergent. The soap will coat their wings and they will not be able to fly and it will clog their thorax which is how they breathe.

Do they make a log to burn in fireplace to get rid of soot?

Yes, there are soot and creosote "cleaner" logs. In my opinion, they do not work as well as cleaning a chimney properly with a chimney brush.

How do you get rid of hornets without killing them?

Get inside a bee suit and carry the hive far far away.

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How do you get rid of bees with a honeycomb in a big tree root?

Many people will come and take the bees for nothing. A bee hive is valuable.

How do you get rid of bees in a chimney stack?

Considering the dangers of Africanized bees, you would be well advised to hire a local firm which specializes in bee removal. They can clear the entire hive without the bees going after them. Some may be able to relocate the hive, if that is important to you. In addition, there may be a large amount of hive wax and honey to be removed, which could turn into quite a job. Also, they may be able to suggest ways to prevent its happening again.

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How do bee get rid of waste?

Bees can defecate just like any other animal. They usually do it while flying and won't do it in the hive unless they are ill.

How do you get rid of bee hives?

We don't get rid of bee hives, we call a local bee club. They will come get them for free and maybe give you honey in trade. Bee hives have a great value beyond honey, its called pollination. A bee hive is not a swarm. A hive contains brood, honey, drones, workers and a queen, etc... A swarm is a group of bees and a queen looking for a new home. They are very easy to deal with and are a valuable asset to any beekeeper! So what ever the case, CALL A LOCAL BEEKEEPER! Keep the bees and don't pollute the honey with chemicals.

How do you get rid of the bees on Virtual Villagers?

if you mean virtual villagers 3 first you make a fire than have one of your villagers get a burned out torch by the bee hive

What will Get rid of smelly fireplace odor?

The cause of fireplace odor is usually humidity or downdraft in your fireplace chimney that is bringing the aroma out of the ash and creosote and backing it up into your home. In order to stop it at the source you can plug the fireplace chimney with a chimney balloon to stop the flow of air into your home through the fireplace. Any remaining smokey odor can be neutralized with a fireplace deodorizer, or you can take a wide brimmed bowl (like a salad bowl) and put some vinegar in it and set this in your firebox for a few days. This will neutralize any leftover odor, but you need to stop the air entry first otherwise the deodorizer or vinegar wont work. Having your chimney swept in the Spring, before Summer humidity begins to infiltrate your chimney will eliminate the creosote in the flue, smoke chamber and fireplace or stove so the sulfuric acid, which forms when the humidity reacts with the creosote, cannot form and cause the smell in the first place. Also, keep you damper shut whenever you are not using your fireplace, since in the Winter warm air will rise through it and cost you money, and in the Summer cool air will sink think through it and bring contaminants such as soot, ash and sulfuric acid into your home. Finally, by having your chimney swept by a Certified Chimney Sweep in the Spring, you not only eliminate the source of that fireplace odor, you also ensure your chimney doesn't have any potentially costly water leaks, unsafe conditions such as gaps in the flue liner, or mis-aligned flue tiles, and you will be able to use your chimney as soon as it gets cool in the Autumn.

Will fire in the chimney get rid of bees?

Only if they are in the chimney. Get the honey out first

How do you get rid of a bee hive in the winter?

Do not put salt in the beehive. You are likely to get stung! It is important to get a proffessional to take the bees away. They will re-locate them to somewhere more apropriat and if they are honey bees, they will be added to another honey bee hive. Type in 'Pest Control' or 'Renterkeeper' and many professionals will come up and be happy to help you.

How can you get rid of a bee hive created under your ground cover?

Contacting professional colony-removers is the way to rid ground cover of an underlying bee hive. The insects in question number among an environment's beneficial arthropods, be they located above, on, or under the ground. So their removal needs to be conducted by experienced professionals, during inactive hours in bee schedules, such as before 10:00 a.m. and subsequent to 3:00 p.m., and with head-to-toe personal protective equipment.

How do you get rid of a small bee nest?

The first thing you should do is use bug spray to get all of the bees to fall and not move.Next,Get a large shovell and knock the hive down.Then,get gloves.Finally,use your gloves and burry the hive so other pest can't find it.;)

How do you get rid of a bee hive that is in the siding of a house?

Easiest is to find a local bee keeper. They will usually remove free of charge to add to their collection. Or wait until a cold, 20-30 degree day and remove them yourself. If you cant get to them spray sulfur and water as close to them as possible.

How do you get rid of a bee on Scribblenauts?

type in bee swatter then hold the swatter. go to the bee, touch it. it will ask you if you want to ittract or attack. choose attack. I did this twice and got rid of the bee. good luck!

Can you spray bees and hives with ammonia to kill?

Ammonia alone will not kill bees. The most effective way to get rid of bees is to have a professional bee-keeper collect the bees. If that is not possible, pick up sevin dust at your local lawn and garden center. Sprinkle this on the bee hive or nest.