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..yu have to wash your face wit soap and water..keep your forehead dry not oily..yu can use acohol.AnswerThat depends on what it is. No one can diagnose you online. The bump may be a pimple, a cyst, or a tumor. Treatment can only be determined after you are evaluated by a medical professional. In person.

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Q: How do you get rid of a bump on your forehead?
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Are there any medicines you can take to get rid of a very visible bump on your forehead?

How was the bump made?

How do you get rid of a bump from a fall on your forehead that you have had for a week and wont go down the bump is soft like a zit but bigger?

by getting a penny hold it on your bump then push it down and rub it in cycle

Bump on your forehead that comes and goes and is soft?

If you bump your forehead and it comes and goes and is soft that is good. It just means it was a surface bump.

A child has a soft bump on his forehead is this bad?

If a child has a soft bump on their forehead it is not necessarily bad. If the bump goes away the child will be fine.

How do you get rid of a bump on your forehead overnight?

Well you want to put cocoa butter on it. Also get a wash clothe with ice and put it on the areas there are bumps

What causes a bump on forehead?

Hitting your little brother over the forehead with a lamp

What can you do to reduce a bump if you falls and hit your forehead causing a bump?

Put ice on it

Can bony bump on forehead be removed?


What should I do about a bump on forehead?

If its new then apply ice.

After a toddler falls and bumps his head and he has a bump on the side of his forehead- what should he do?

You can try putting a cool icepack on their forehead

How do you know if the bump on your forehead is not serious?

The doctor will tell you when you go see him about it.

How do you get rid of forehead lines?

What to do when your child has fallen and has a bump the size of an egg to her forehead?

seek medical advice

What is a bump on the forehead that appeared with no cause?

a horn, possibly a sign that you're the antichrist.

Is it normal for eyes and nose to swell after a forehead bump that is getting better?

It is not normal for eyes and nose to swell after a forehead bump that is healing. Consult a physician to see whether the swelling is because of the injury or due to another cause.

How do you get rid of acne on your forehead?

I have been trying to get rid of it almost forever and i think the best thing i have tryed is putting lemon on a cotton ball and rub it in on my forehead

How do you get rid of puberty on your forehead?

Puberty? Do you mean acne?

How do you get rid of swelling in the forehead?

Apply an ice pack.

How do you get rid of a lie bump?

put ice on it

What should you do with a painful bump on your forehead?

I would call a doctor and see what s/he says.

What to do for the Bump on the forehead due to fall?

Put ice on it and wait for the swelling to go down.

Forehead bumps due to injury?

Bumps happen when you get hurt. The bump is just swelling.

How do you get rid of forehead red bumps over night?

pull it

What could a bump be on your forehead that's not hard like a tumor but is noticeable and can it be removed?

A hard painless bump could be a sist, or a calcium deposit and can be removed by a doctor

How can you get rid of a ingrown hair bump?

usa pircey