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It is important to attempt to pin point the exact location in the wall,use a tincan or open ended container and listen in various spots like a stethescope. After locating the suspected location,carefully make a hole no bigger than the nozzle on a can of wasp stopper or bee spray. Apply a dose of spray,remove the nozzle and temporarily seal the hole with putty or even a paper napkin. Listen to the area again for different signs,louder buzzing could indicate the spray may have only affected part of the hive,a quieter area may indicate you have dealt them a blow. After some time passes,reopen the hole and see if there is any activity ,if things appear quieter reapply another dose of spray.(USE PROPER VENTILATION WHERE REQUIRED) A small section of wall material should be removed,3"X 3",use caution and have some material handy to block it up quick,if necessary.Attempt to locate the hive if possible,spray again, if possible leave the room and go out and attempt to observe any fleeing bees.This will indicate where they are entering the interior.Make every effort to remove the complete hive as dead bees and larvae can create an offensive odor. Make repairs to the plaster,sheetrock or other wall material .

2006-09-11 22:54:49
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What do you call the house of the honey bee?

A hive.

What happens in a bee-hive?

Honey bees raise their young and produce honey in a bee hive.

What do you call a bee house?

A hive Honey Bees can be kept in a Skep.

Where does a honey bee live?

In a hive.

How is honey harvested?

from a bee-hive

Where are the honey bee located?

in a hive.

What are the bees that take care of the hive and make honey called?

the bees that take care of the hive and make honey called?" the guardian bees of the hive they take car of the bee hive. the bees that take care of the hive and make honey called?" the guardian bees of the hive they take car of the bee hive.

What is the home of a honey bee called?

It is the hive.

What is the name of honey bee home?

a hive

What is the home of the honey bee called?

a hive

What are the uses of a honey bee hive?

A hive is an artificial home for honey bees, provided by a beekeeper to keep his/her bees in.

What has the author Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth written?

Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth has written: 'Langstroth on the hive & honey bee' -- subject(s): Bee culture, Honeybee, Bees 'Langstroth on the hive and the honey-bee' -- subject(s): Bee culture, Honeybee, Bees 'A practical treatise on the hive and honey-bee' -- subject(s): Bees

Why do honey guide birds and honey badgers live together?

When the honey guide bird finds a bee hive with honey, it makes a certain noise. Then the honey badger follows the sound of the bird until it find it, and the bee hive. The badger then breaks down the bee hive and the badger and the bird eat all the honey :) and live happily ever after ;p

Does honey come out a bee's butt?

No honey does not come out of a bee's butt.The forager bee collects plant/nector in its honey stomach.When the forager bee returns to the hive, the hive bee will suck the nector into its stomach.In the honey stomach, enzymes breaksdown the complex sugars - but it is not yet honey.The hive bee then regurgiates the nector into a honeycomb cell. The bees use theirwings to generate wind to evaporate the water content from the nector - until theyhave honey.The hive bees then cap the honey with wax.

What is house of bee is called?

bee hive

How do you use a bee hive in viva pinata?

You feed your buzzelgum a buttercup and a small honey picture will be above the buzzelgums head you drag him to the bee hive and the buzzelgum will produce the honey,the honey will fly out of the hive and it will sell for about 150 chocolate coins.

What is a honey bees habitat?

I believe it is a bee hive.

Will water get rid of a honey bee hive?


What temp is the honey bee hive?

105 Celsius

If there is about 5 bees running in and out of an hole in your wall at your home do you think there is a bee hive?

yes there is a bee hive

What is the house of a bee?

A hive

Is a bee hive in a house a good or a bad omen?

A bee hive in a house is not a good or bad omen. Bees in a home can be a good omen, in some cases. If there is a bee hive in a house, it should be removed.

What is a house of a bee called?

A bee lives in a hive.

What bee is the busiest in the hive and why?

The Queen Bee. She makes all the honey but the Bee's collect it.

How do you get honey out of bee hives?

You put some honey in the new hive and the bees will go there