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Assuming you want to remove yourself from being a fan of the page--

Go to the page in question, scroll down and look on the left-hand side of the page. Click the link that says "Remove me from fans".

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well if you wan to delete a whole page of facebook you just need to click "X" on the posts that you don't like until all post are deleted.

You can not get rid of the Timeline feature on Facebook.

On the top right there is a tab that says 'account' then you go to bottom of the page and hit 'deactivate'.

You can get rid of Facebook moods, if you unsync your setting.

I got rid of the faceboko fan check virus using one of the tools described on Be careful not to click on any links in google that hve the virus alert. Hackers are using it to compromise your computer.

i have got pink facebook and i dont know if you can get rid of it :( tell me when how u can!! :)

You can not get rid of facebook timeline. Adventually facebook timeline is going to be given out to every facebook user. I hate it myself but there is no turning back once you have it!

Go back to the lights page and it will say remove under the one you bought.

ive asked debby ryan to keep her boyfriend josh dunns picture off of my facebook page and she refuses it ive tried everything. I have no use for him he is trashy and a drug dealer and i do not want him on my facebook page ive asked her to stop doing it she refuses it and ive asked her to get rid of him and she refueses it so what can i do to stop it

You either have to disable which means you can log in later, or you can ban that page on your computer, once something is out on the internet it is almost impossiable to get it back unfortunatly :/

unfortunately, you cant. Once people have it, they cant get rid of it again!

If you want to get rid of your Facebook account go to account setting ( it can be found where we log out ) click on it and choose deactivate account and your account is now deactivated . If this Question is asking that how to log of your Facebook account so just click on account it can be found on the extreme right at the end of the page and just click on log out and now your out of your Facebook account

You can always get rid of your home page in settings bar. You can always set it to blank in Chrome.

When you are logged in on Facebook, you can look at all of your applications, and choose to block Farmville.

To remove someone from your Facebook you unfriend them and if that doesn't work you can block them. That will take them off.

Go onto his profile, then go to the botton. on the left hand side where you see his friend list, at the botton of the page should be remove him from friends, block and report.... :)

You can get rid of your iGoogle page by going to your upper righgt and clicking on Classic Home and it should take you back to your normal google page.

Want to get rid of facebook.Dont use it any longer.

Chewing gum can help to relieve ear pressure.

You can get rid of ants with ant killer. You may have to remove your ceiling fan so that you can get all of the ants.

Just don't go there! Facebook is not an application on your computer, it is a website that you "go to" using your web browser. If you want to get rid of the email notifications, sign in to your Facebook account, go to "Settings", then "notifications" and uncheck all the email boxes.

go on account settings in the drop down menu and click deactivate account.

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