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Push Y

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Q: How do you get rid of a tomahawk without throwing it?
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What type of Lethal weapon will mw3 have like trowing knife tomahawk so throwing blade?

Most likely the throwing knife. Black Ops only used the tomahawk because the throwing knife wasn't invented in the 60's. Also, Treyarch might not allow Infinity Ward to take that, as they did with Zombies.

What is going to be in modern warfare 3 is there going to be tomahawk or throwing knives?

Tomahawk. Dude Black Ops came out like last year. MODERN WARFARE 3 not black ops noob

What is a bank shot medal in cod black ops?

Kill a player by throwing a tomahawk and it bouncing off a wall and hitting the person.

What is the term for getting rid of waste?

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Throwing it out

Construction of a tomahawk how do you make a tomahawk?

Answer There were functional tomahawks and tomahawks that were smoked. And there are probably many ways to make one, some methods are authentic to how they were originally made and some methods are modern manufacturing methods and some are made just for cheap souvenirs. I bought a tomahawk to use for camping and throwing. This tomahawk was hand-forged blade that was wrapped over a center pin that gave it strength. The handle was Oak that was fitted into the blade from the top, which had a tapered hole. For throwing the handle should be the length of your fore-arm from inside elbow to top of closed hand. That is as much detail that I know.

What is a native American ax called?

The word you're looking for is tomahawk.

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How do you throw a tomahawk?

There are six basic steps to tomahawk throwing.1. Measure about 13-14 ft from targetFrom the target, measure about 13 -14 ft or about 5 - 6 paces and make a line in the dirt. From this distance the tomahawk, hatchet, or ax will be doing one revolution till it reaches the target. The distance is determined by how long the handle is.2. Make sure the tomahawk blade is pointing toward your targetThis is a little more obvious but you never know.3. Pitcher's positionPosition your feet in the pitcher's position with the foot opposite your throwing arm forward.4. Hold handle at base of tomahawkHold the handle near or at the base with the tomahawk blade at the top.5. Straight back & straight forwardBring the tomahawk straight back and throw straight forward aiming for your target.6. Follow throughFollow through with your arm while still keeping your wrist locked.

How does a cell get reactants for respiration and get rid of the waste products?

You can get rid of it by throwing it away of I guess you can take it to some were and see if you can dump it out there.