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You can sell a car without a title. Most people will sell them as parts cars. If the car ever had a title in your name then you can go to the court house and get a lost title for it. If you never had the car in your name you will have to tell and buyers that it does not have a title. It will sell for less than if it had a title but you can still sell it.

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Q: How do you get rid of a vehicle without a title?
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Can you get a title loan without vehicle inspection?

Can u get a title loan without a vehicle inspection

How do you get a title for a vehicle that was bought from a person without a title?

Why did you buy it without a title. Good luck

Can you trade in a car without a title to a dealership?

No. Every vehicle has to have a title , I believe after 1972. The vehicle cannot be transferred unless there is a clean title to it.

How can you ell if you bought a vehicle with a salvage title?

It will say "Salvage" vehicle on the bottom right corner of the title. No vehicle can be sold without indicating if its a salvage, rebulit or a regular title.

Can you tag a vehicle without a title?

I recently bought a vehicle about 6 months ago and the dealership didn't have the title! So I'm just wondering if I could register and tag it without a title!

How do you get a new car title of a car without a title?

File for an abandoned title with the Motor Vehicle

How can i get rid my car without the title and registered in another state?

You cannot sell or trade a car without a title. Apply for a duplicate title at your local DMV.

Can you trade in a vehicle in California without the registration?

In most states, you can trade in the vehicle without it being registered. However, you do need a TITLE to prove that you own the vehicle.

What does a pink title mean for a car?

A pink slip for a car is the title. This shows who owns a vehicle. Without a pink slip, you will be unable to register a vehicle.

Can you drive a car with a bill of sale until you can transfer the title?

It depends on the Motor Vehicle laws of the State the vehicle is in. In New York, you cannot register a vehicle unless the Title is presented at the time of registration. The Bill of Sale is worthless without a vehicle title

How do you get a title for a vehicle if you buy a car without one?

Call local insurance Companies that do a title bond Buying a car without a title is very foolish. You may have a vehicle that was stolen. You may have a vehicle that was totally wrecked and rebuilt. You may be in deep on this car. I suggest you contact the previous owner and demand a title or a refund of your money.

How do you register a car bought from an auction and have no title?

want to buy a vehicle without a title but with a bill of sale

If your car is going to be repossessed is it legal for you to sell it before the actual repossession?

Not without permission of the lender. A vehicle cannot be sold without a clear title of ownership. The lender is named on the title of a vehicle as the "lienholder" until the vehicle is paid for or otherwise released by the lienholder.

Can you junk a vehicle without title if the loan company refuses to repossess the car?

ONLY if you can find someone to buy it without a title. NO buyer, NO seller.

Can a vehicle be repossessed if the title has no security interest on it but you used the vehicle to get the loan but never gave them the title?

a lien can be placed on a title without you giving them the title. call your states DMV and ask if you car has a lien on it. I think you will be surprised. Good Luck

Can you sell a car without a title?

Legally, NO! You can sell the vehicle to anyone if the vehicle is over 10 years old and you sell it for parts only, but if the buyer wants to drive the vehicle, they will need a title.

I have a car registered in my name but have no title. Can I sell or get rid of it?

No, not without a title. You say it is registered in your name. Without a title you have no way of proving that and cannot sell the car. Contact your local DMV and get a duplicate title. If it is indeed register in your name you will have no problem getting a new title.

In Virginia can you trade in a vehicle that has a title loan?

Not without a release from the loan company.

If you have a clear title on a vehicle do you have to register the vehicle before you sell it?

As long as it is titled in your name, you can sell it without it being registered.

How do I get my exs name off title without his signature?

If a person's name is on a vehicle title, he or she is the owner. There is no legal way to have the name removed without the person volunteering to remove it.

How do you go about getting a title for a vehicle that was bought from a salvage yard that was going out of business if the salvage yard didn't have the title to the vehicle you bought?

Go to the state Motor Vehicle office, where you would normally register a vehicle. There may be extra steps to take to get title for a salvaged vehicle. Don't buy cars without getting a title. EVER. If the car was stolen you may have to return it.

How car you get rid of your car without a title?

Go To The Clerks Office In Your County and They Can Get a Duplicate Copy Of The Title For You. It Takes About a Week You Will Recieve It In The Mail.

Can you sell your car to Carmax if you do not have the title?

As far as I understand it you cannot sell any motor vehicle to an automotive dealership without the title. Also if the vehicle is not titled in your name the said individual seen on the title would need to be present. The process to getting a title for your vehicle if it has been lost is simple as long as you are the registered owner of the vehicle. The process for acquiring a replacement title is called bonding the title. If you are not the owner on the title the same "bonding" applies it just requires you to get the previous owner of the vehicle involved in the process with a proper bill of sale and or other means of proof that you have taken "ownership" of the vehicle.

Can you change a title with someone elses name on it?

A title cannot be changed without the owner of the vehicle signing off on the seller line. A title can be transferred and a vehicle registered by a person other than the registered owner in most states.

Is the sell of a car legal without a title and just a bill of sell?

You can sell a vehicle to a salvage yard for parts with a bill of sale if they don't intend to resell the vehicle, but if you sell it to an individual, and they want to register the vehicle, they will need a title.

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