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You can pour very soapy hot water down the entrance and scatter mothballs around and in the nest. Then, cover the entrance with dirt and keep the soil moist at all times, like with a hose. when you see no bees (should take about4-5 days), wait a day, then dig up the nest. PS If by some chance bees would come out when you are near... RUN!

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Q: How do you get rid of an underground bumble bee nest?
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How can you get rid of a bumble bee nest under your decking?

To get rid of a bumble bee nest under your decking, spray it well with an insecticide that is made for killing bees. Spray at night, when all of the bees should be in the nest, and stand well back from the area. Most bee-killing sprays will shoot a stream at least 20 feet long. If it is a large nest, or if the nest is inside a crack in the deck or wall, consider having a second can on hand in case you need more than a single can to treat the area.

How do you get rid of a bumble bee nest?

With the advance of the Africanized honey bees I would recommend calling a professional pest control company to safely remove it. Better to be safe than sorry.

How do you get rid of a small bee's nest on the porch?

A broom and a speedy retreat.

You have bumble bees in attic how do you get rid of them. They are coming through small hole between house and soffits..Second year?

The best way to get rid of bumble bees in attic is to first find the nest. Once the nest is found, wait until evening and spray as close to the nest as possible with insecticide containing bendiocarb, chlorpyrifos or boric acid.

No Bee keeper how do you get rid of a bee nest?

If the bees are inaccessible, you will need to contact a pest controller who will have the necessary chemicals.

How do you remove a bumblebee?

It's kind of a broad question... A single bumble bee? Or do you want to get rid of the bees in your yard completely?

How do you get rid of an underground hornets nest?

Put killing spray with the cloths that protect you from bees

How do you get rid of a bee's nest without being stung?

Call in a professional beekeeper or apiarist Smoke usually works great with bee's, your chances of getting stung are very slim, although I don't incourage you to do so. Removing a bee's hive/nest must be done by a professional who as studied the aggressive behavior of a bee.

How do you get rid of the bees in Sim's 2 castaway?

i think you have to harvest honey from the bee nest but i never tried it. good luck.

Is it necessary to get rid of a bee's nest if you can patch up the entrance after you rid the bees from the walls or can the honey still attract bees thourgh some other opening?

You should get rid of the nest because wasps will be atracted to the honey and if there are wasps they probably won't sting you as they are stealing and remove the nest at night as that is when wasps bees and other insects go back to their hives, but be careful.

How do you Get rid of borrowing wood bees they are big hairy black bumble bees burrowing in our newly built gazebo?

You will have to burn something so that the bees nest is full of smoke.

How do you get rid of a nest of red tailed bumble bees in a hay bale in a barn?

Hi you need to move the nest at night. It must be taken a minimum of 1.5miles away from were it was sited. Pick up the swarm - wear long trousers and top and marigold gloves - put it into a polystyrene (or similiar) box - transport to new location. or get a bee keeper to come along and take it away. MUST BE DONE AT NIGHT!!!!!

How do you rid wood of bumble bees?

Professional removal is the way to get rid of bumble bees in wood. The insects in question (Bombus spp) prefer to nest at ground level under a flat, low-lying object -- such as boards, decks, stones, tarps -- or in abandoned mammal holes in the ground. Head-to-toe personal protective equipment and professional equipment and training will be required since bumble bees will avoid confrontations or sting like fury.

How do you get rid of wasp for good?

If there is an underground nest you may be able to pour gasoline into the hole when it is dark and they are asleep but DO NOT light it as it will cause problems. It is the fumes that will kill them.

How do you get rid of bees after nest destroyed?

Contact a bee keeper they will likely remove them for free because the bee population has Dwindled down to 3% to what they used to be. Only other option is to kill them with raid or similar insect killer.

Your bumble bee catfish has already eaten 2 fish 1 betta and 1 ghost knife What should you do?

If you have more fish, you should put the catfish into another tank. Or you could just get rid of it.

How do you get rid of paper wasp nest?

you can just burn the nest.

How do you get rid of a bee on Scribblenauts?

type in bee swatter then hold the swatter. go to the bee, touch it. it will ask you if you want to ittract or attack. choose attack. I did this twice and got rid of the bee. good luck!

How do you get rid of a bee hole in your yard?

In order to get rid of a ground nesting bee hole, it's important to create an environment the insects don't like. The bees are attracted to dry land, so watering the yard and nest will be beneficial in getting them to leave. Insecticides should be avoided since bees populations are decreasing around the world.

Can you get rid of wasp nest?


Get rid of yellow jacket bumble bees in the ground?

It's tough only because it takes so much volume-that would almost be a power spray but any product with pyrethrins-it's any bee's worst enemy

How do you get rid of a Bees nest in basement window well?

Call an exterminator or get one of those smoke sprayers and spray it on them and get all that you can out. Tip: Wear a bee protecting suit.

How do you get rid of a wasps nest?

spray or pour gas on the nest gas or desel or vingegar

How do you get rid bees with smoke?

Bees are terrified of fire, beekeepers puff smoke in to the hive to make the bees go to the bottom when removing the honey. I wouldn't recommend taking up smoking just to keep a bumble bee away though

How do you get rid bee from my kitchen fan opening?

Get a bee professionally trained bee Keeper to open the fan and try and get out the bee then put the fan back.