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How do you get rid of arthritis in the thighs?


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It depends on what type of arthritis you have. If you find that you have arthritic type pain in the thighs there is a chance that you are suffering from some sort of inflammation, However there are no joints in the thigh so if there is Arthritis involved in your pain it would probably be treated with an anti inflammatory, it would however be wise to check on the problem with a medical practitioner.


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Arthritis effects joints like the knee or hip, but not the middle of bones like the thigh.

To get rid of fat thighs, you need to ensure that you exercise more. Also cut down on fat and sugar intake as you take your meals.

lunges are really good for losing inches on your legs and thighs.

I use to have big thighs but I ate heathy stuff and lost them. You are probaly skinny because when you have big thighs you most likely have a nice waste.

Walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming

The easiest way to get rid of cellulite in the hips butt and thighs is to engage in yoga, aerobic weightlifting, or use of a herbal body rub.

Yes, riding a bike can get rid of celluite on your thighs and butt. Pilates, lunges, and running also help get rid of it.

There is no cure for Arthritisthere are controls and treatment available however to control and treat the pain and damage that is done by this disease.

You can't get rid of it..but you can make it better. It really depends on what type of arthritis you have..(osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.) Loosing weight and exercise helps both kinds. Strengthening the muscles, ligaments, and tendons around the arthritic joints helps to support them and slow the damage.

muscle reduce in size when you dont use them.

Sounds like you have cellulite you have to couple that with exercising the abs.

By finding an appropriate anti inflamatory.

check out Diana Stalder's product.............they are guaranteed.good luck

Luck. there is no cure for it just a hope it will go into remission

there are over a hundred different forms of arthritis. there are ways of treating the disease and of reducing the damage done by it in some situations however there is at this time no cure.

It sounds like it could be ring worm, which will require an anti fungal cream to get rid of it. Also try to keep the inner thighs as sweat free as possible.

Lunges and the leg curl at the gym, the leg curl is hard to do but it wworks as it concerntrates on the muscles in the back of you leg and that includes the back of the thighs if you do the exercise correctly that is.

Just do lots of squats. They will tighten your thighs. Make sure to get rid of the junk food and eat some more healthy food. Exercise at least 1 hour a day.

Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, Green tea, omega-3, Vitamin E, and Calcium should be consumed to reduce rheumatoid arthritis. The more consumed, the more you are likely to rid of arthritis

Use the same thing you use on your face. That should work nicely.

it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs

About this, I would contact a doctor, as an unprofessional, like me, would call this arthritis.

Cellulite is just fat. It looks different because the skin is thin in that area, but if you'll get rid of the weight, you'll get rid of the cellulite. Diet and exercise are the only way, unless you want to go for the liposuction.

The red circle things on your thigh and arms are most likely Keratosis Pilaris. If you want to get rid of them, you will have to put medicated cream you from your doctor.

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