How do you get rid of backswimmers in your swimming pool?

Firstly, these little creatures are hardy buggers - in some cases, they number in the hundreds and are very difficult to remove.

The first step is to ensure your pool is sanitized correctly. We arent just talking about throwing in some shock here but ensuring the PH is spot on and the chlorine content is maintained continiously. The proper sanitization removes any source of food for other insects which is what the backswimmers will feed from.

In my case, this is all it takes to get rid of the bugs but there are some that say that 1/4 - 1/2 a cup of dawn diswashing liquid will help to remove them - It may not be wise to dump this stuff into the pool so an alternative is to just use it to kill the bugs - put it in a bucket and dump the backswimmers you catch with your net into it - it will kill them.

There is also a product called bugout - ask at your pool shop and if they dont have it they should be able to order it or a similar product.