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Well you cant get rid of birthmarks all the time but if you try put skin makeup evryday of your color evry hour and then rinse and put soap on it and if your skin is sensitive it will worl if not there is no way to get rid of it cuz its born with u til life :)

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How can you get rid of a birthmark using lemon juice?

Lemon juice won't get rid of birthmarks. Birthmarks are just differences in the degree of skin pigmentation (melanin).

How do you get rid of your birthmarks?

look it's almost impossible to get rid of them but you can cover them up with makeup but you should be happy with birthmarks because it shows that you are a part of your family i have a birthmark on my leg and so do al my family

How do you get rid of birthmarks without seeing a doctor or doing plastic surgery?

Birthmarks should in principle be left as they are. If this is cosmetically unacceptable, the best is to contact a Dermatologist who will tell you if that particular birthmark can be removed and how.

Does everyone have birthmarks?

No not everyone has birthmarks.

Do ninjas have tattoos?

Maybe Birthmarks or Ninja Birthmarks,or Clan Marks,but I don't know about tattoos. Maybe Birthmarks or Ninja Birthmarks,or Clan Marks,but I don't know about tattoos.

Do American Indians have birthmarks?

do Hopi tribe Indians have birthmarks

Are moles bigger than birthmarks?

Generally birthmarks are larger

When was Birthmarks created?

Birthmarks was created on 2008-10-14.

Can you get rid of birthmarks?

You can get surgery to have the birthmark removed. You can also wear make-up, use foundation and conceal the mark, then use powder.

Do birthmarks hurt?

No, birthmarks do not hurt. They feel like regular skin!

What is birthmarks?

birthmarks are a rare skin disease, it usually happens in the whom

Where are Emma Watson's Three Birthmarks?

Her birthmarks are on the left side of her belly button.

When was Birthmarks - album - created?

Birthmarks - album - was created in 2001.

Do Birthmarks tan?

Yes, birthmarks do tan. If you have a birthmark you must be careful of this. Birthmarks are more likely to contract skin cancer if in the sun excessively without sunscreen.

Why do people get birthmarks?

people get birthmarks because when the baby is in the stomach it pushes which gives them the mark.

Are birthmarks hereditary?

no they are not

What is the cause of a birthmark on a child?

Experts do not fully understand the cause of birthmarks. Birthmarks cannot be prevented and are not caused by anything done during pregnancy. One theory to the cause of birthmarks are genetics.

How do you get rid of body discoloration?

If you caucasion, I'd go with lemon juice. there are also creams full of chemicals on the market that will even out skin tone. If you're trying to get rid of something like roseaia or birthmarks consult a dematoligist or use makeup.

Do goldfish have birthmarks?

A 'birthmark' is something that happens to a baby as it is being born. Goldfishare not born. They are hatched from eggs. They can therefore not have birthmarks.

Do cows have birthmarks?

Yes they can have birthmarks, though these birth marks are quite often harder to see than what can be seen in humans.

Do all people have a birthmarks?

Majority do not.

How do you remove birthmarks at home?

It is impossible

Do everybody have a birthmark?

No, birthmarks are not common.

What are some symptoms of hyperpigmentation?

There are a number of potential symptoms for hyperpigmentation. Some of these symptoms include birthmarks, darkening of the skin especially around the birthmarks.

Is there a world record for having the most birthmarks?

Yes, my world record of birth marks is 8