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It's easy! All you do is find a tennis racket (if you don't have one buy one at Walmart). Go outside and wait till they are still. Then whack them! Its so funny! If they are still moving step on them (its a good ides to have shoes on). Don't worry, carpenter bees don't sting. All they can do is get mad and buzz all around you. Hope this helped!

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โˆ™ 2011-04-03 22:38:41
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Q: How do you get rid of carpenter bees?
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Get Rid of Carpenter Bees?

form_title= Get Rid of Carpenter Bees form_header= Don't get stung. Get rid of carpenter bees. How many hives do you see?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} Is anyone in your home allergic?*= () Yes () No Have you had bees before?*= () Yes () No

What get rid of carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees can be a nuisance when they create holes in wooden infrastructure. However, they should not be killed because they help to pollinate flowers.

Do carpenter bees eat wood?

carpenter bees are bees that do carpentry

Do carpenter bees attack bumble bees?

Carpenter Bees do not attack bumble bees.

HOW DO you GET Rid of bore bees?

To get rid of borer bees or carpenter bees, there a few things you can do, including using an insecticidal dust or spray and closing off holes in wood through which bees gain entrance. For a severe infestation, an exterminator may be necessary. Carpenter bees burrow into wood of a structure like a porch. They build tunnels in wood to set up their nest.

Were do carpenter bees live?

Carpenter Bees live in wood

How do you get rid of bees that eat wood?

carpenter bees do eat lay eggs. I don't know how to get rid of them...i guess the usual way...bug spray. Bees don't eat wood. Check with your exterminator, it may be termites.

How do you make carpenter bees go away?

carpenter bees toothpaste

Are carpenter bees found in Detroit?

yes carpenter bees are found in detroit

Will cold weather kill carpenter bees?

will cold weather kill carpenter bees

What are bees that dig in wood?

Carpenter bees

Why are carpenter bees named carpenter bees?

because they burrow in soft wood to lay their eggs

How many species of carpenter bees exist?

Currently, there have been over 500 species of carpenter bees discovered. However, in the future, there may be more species of carpenter bees discovered.

Can male carpenter bees sting?

No male carpenter bees can't sting because they don't have a stinger.

Do carpenter bees have venom?

Carpenter bees do have venom. The only thing that distinguishes them from other bees is their habit of boring holes in wood to live.

What's the difference between a carpenter bee and a bumble bee?

A difference in carpenter bees and bumble bees are that the male carpenter bees cannot sing and this type of bee also nests in wood.

What are carpenter bees?

Carpenter bees, sometimes called bore bees, are large, solitary insects that burrow into wood to lay their eggs and hibernate for the winter.

Do black bees have stingers?

Yes, they are usually carpenter bees.

Do bumble bees make holes in wood?

No, but carpenter bees do.

Can bees bore through drywall?

carpenter bees can-honey bees look for an opening.

Are carpenter bees and bumble bees the same?

No. Different species. Carpenter Bees make a hole for their nest in soft wood. Bumble Bees either nest on the ground, or in a tunnel nest in the ground.

How do you get rid of carpenter bees in attics?

there's nothing a few bombs (the ones that kill fleas and ticks, ect.) cant do. Or call an exterminator.

Does carpenter bees and blackjack bees look alike?

Yes. They look alike but arenโ€™t the exact same. If you look, there are tiny details that are different that your miss.

Are carpenter bees sexual are asexual?


What color are carpenter bees?