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How do you get rid of dirt in a swimming pool?

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There are a few ways to get rid of dirt in your swimming pool.

Firstly there is a chemical that you can get in which will force

all dirt suspended in the water to sink to the bottom. To clean the

bottom of the pool for the first time, you will need a swimming

pool hose, a vaccum head and a telescopic wand. All are available

from a pool shop. You plug the vaccum head onto the telescopic wand

and plug one end of the hose onto the vaccum head. Leave the vaccum

head sitting over the water. Turn the filtration system on. Take

the free end of the hose and fill with water by placing over a

return jet. When all the air is out of the hose, take the free end

and plug into your skimmer box. You will now be able to vaccum your

pool by running the vaccum head along the bottom of the pool. Once

clean, disconnect all equipment and backwash the pool. The pool

should now be clean. Afterwards, you could consider buying an Auto

Pool Cleaner - they move by using the filtration system and clean

whenever they're in the pool. The only thing to remember though is

that you will need to backwash regularly, since it is always

cleaning the pool.

The chemical is a floc which is mixed in a bucket of water and

spread of a maximum surface of the pool while the filter is

operating for several hours on "Recirculate". Then turn off filter

for a day or two to allow the sediment to settle before vacuuming.

When vacuuming the sediment from the floor of the pool, do not

vacuum through the filter. Vacuum to waste.

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