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With a strainer, simply scoop them out

and/or with a filter if you have one.

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Q: How do you get rid of frog eggs in your swimming pool?
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How do you get rid of sweat bees around your swimming pool?

move your swimming pool

What to use to get rid of swimming pool water bugs?

You buy a swimming pool net and scoop them out.

How do you get rid of purple algae?

in a swimming pool

How do you get rid of black water in swimming pool?

get hth

How do you get rid of a swimming pool in Scribblenauts?

You can use a black hole

What are things swimming in your swimming pool that looks like tiny hammer head sharks and how do you get rid of them?

== == == == == == == ==

How do you get rid of water boatmen in a swimming pool?

Empty the pool out and fill it with soil. OR Use chlorine.

How do you get rid of chemical smells in a swimming pool?

Add more chlorine

How do you get rid of a rust colored algae in a swimming pool?

How can I get rid of rust colored stains in my salt water pool. It is only in the shallow end?

How do you get rid of horse flies around the swimming pool?

Go under the water

I think mosquitoes laid eggs in my pool and shock treatment won't kill them. What can I do to get rid of them?

If mosquitoes laid eggs in your pool and shock treatment does not kill them, you can get rid of them using bleach. Pour chlorine bleach into the pool to kill them.

How do you get rid of springtails in a swimming pool if dish soap did not work?

drain, scrub and refill..

How do you get rid of the foamy soap-like substance in an above-ground swimming pool?

you should drain the pool and wash it out with a hose

How do you get rid of the layer of algae on the bottom of your above-ground swimming pool?

Copper sulphate or Methylene Blue will kill the Algae - you then have to drain and wash the pool to get rid of the debris

How do you rid worm like Parasites in swimming pools?

Dump a gallon of cyanide into the swimming pool. This will solve all of your parasite problems.

How can you get rid of lime and mineral deposits on swimming pool tiles?

phrosporic acid or something like that

How do you get rid of frogs around your swimming pool?

Well get a net and put bait in it or so and they will follow it and there it is.

How do you get rid of your in ground swimming pool?

Fill it with cement then put dirt on top of it and plant grass :)

How do you get rid of spiderss in a salt water swimming pool?

u could get a net and scoop it out or a boul

How do you get rid of Mosquito's in the pool water that has just been uncovered?

just wait. they will lay eggs, die the eggs will turn into larva, the pool water will kill the larva

How do you get rid of dirt in a swimming pool without a vacuum?

You can use a portable pump and dump the water as you vacuum the pool. Otherwise there isn't anyway.

What does black algae look like in a swimming pool?

When black algae appear in a swimming pool, it can look like a black discoloration or black spots on the sides or the bottom of the pool. This occurs when there is not enough chlorine in the pool, so treatment is necessary to get rid of this algae.

How do you get rid of leaches in a swimming pool?

go on the internetfind out what you needgo buy the stuff you needgo kill the leaches

How do you get rid of suds in a swimming pool?

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How do you get rid of black bees that look like flying ants that sting in your swimming pool?

With either a skimming net or get an effective floating pool skimmer