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Buy algaecide and follow the label. You can get it from a pool supply store.

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i need to know how to get rid of green water

go on the internetfind out what you needgo buy the stuff you needgo kill the leaches

Green pool water is caused by algae. To remove the algae, bring the pH level of the water to 7.8, scrub the sides and bottom of the pool, shock the water with chlorine, then vacuum up all the dead algae.

The slimy mucus stuff in a pool is probably algae.

Use a suction vacuum plugged into your skimmer to vacuum to waste.

(Note : "floc" is the flakes that come out of colloidal suspension of pool chemicals.) You need to vacuum the floc from the bottom. However if you can't set your pool to waste, you can disconnect the pump hose from the pool and run it normally.

check to make sure your p. h. is 7.6, than shock water with chlorine shock from your pool store, run pool for 24 hours and brush and vacuum.

Green Stuff in the PoolThe green stuff is one of two things: 1) algae which needs to be oxidized (shocked) or 2) copper which can be removed with a sequestering agent. Here are more answers from other FAQ Farmers:Like the posters above you could have Algae, generally indicated by a green growth on walls and cracks and crannys of the pool along with the water being green. Copper from perhaps a heater's heat exchanger or perhaps you used a copper based algae remover. So then what can happen is the Copper can come out of solution and show up as green water. Next do you have well water or water with a high content of iron? That will show up very green, especially when you have just put in a large amount of water to bring the pool up to the correct level. And again you will need a product to tie it up and remove and put it back into solution. Best solution to get all this back into solution or get rid of it, Please go to a swimming pool professional licensed and insured with a sample of water, they will be able to give you the professional product for your swimming pool.99% of the time a green pool will be from an infestation of algae. The first thing you should do is shock the pool with a strong chlorine, that will kill the algae. You then need to run the pool constantly until it has cleared it up. Chlorine will kill the algae, and the filter will remove the cloudiness that is sometimes left behind.

What is the best way to get rid of rough spots on pool steps??

with a skimmer! . . . . . or fill your pool with acid.

u get a pool net and fish the thing out of the pool

Are you sure it's not algae? There are about 1,000 types of green algae. Some types give the pool water a green tinge rather than have a "clump" effect on the walls, etc.

The RID master will allocate the pool of RIDs to the DC, So we can create the objects without RID master. When this RID pool exhausted we can't create object.

By killing the green algae with an algaecide available at your pool shop.

Depends how much green is in it and what kind of pool: Mobile pool with little green in it on the floor and sides- jump in and scrub it or drain it and then scrub it. Ground pool with little green on the floor and sides- same answer. Mobile pool with lots of green in it-drain it pick out the algae throw that away then scrub throughly Ground pool with lots of green in it- same answer.

well i have one thing to say ive never had to deal with milky pool water but i willsay try cleaning your pool or buying another pool..i don't know all the stuff i said im not shore try asking your parents..

because if u do not clean it and sometimes the stuff u put in it is not stornge enough

The use of the metal trap filters helps get rid of iron in the pool water. A product like the Liquid MetalTrap which works with a wide variety of pH will be able to get rid of the iron in the pool water.

If your pool has an oily brown film over the top of it there is one way that should get rid of it. You can add chlorine to your pool.

Yes they do when you feed them fish they poo out fish. If you feed them green stuff they poo out green stuff

How can I get rid of rust colored stains in my salt water pool. It is only in the shallow end?

There are a couple of ways to get green algae out of a pool. One way is to use chlorine.

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