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If you mean you want to get rid of some background "hum" that is being picked-up by the signal leads from the pickup cartridge - probably from the turntable's motor - you should check the pickup's signal wiring is shielded and grounded.

Usually turntables already have shielded wiring for the pickup leads so it is worth checking that none of the shielded wires have become disconnected from the Ground terminal on the turntable's baseboard or from the pickup head itself.

Next check that your turntable's Ground terminal is actually connected to the Ground terminal at the back of your preamp or amp. Sometimes there is a separate Grounding wire or sometimes it is just the shield of the pickup signal wiring that does this job.

Be sure to unplug everything - amp, preamp and turntable - from the household AC supply socket outlet before you do any checks.

It is best to use the resistance measurement setting of a normal electrical test meter to do those ground wiring checks. The resistance measurements from turntable Ground terminal to pickup housing and from that same terminal to the amp's Ground terminal should show a very low resistance, almost zero Ohms.

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Q: How do you get rid of ground loop from a turntable?
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